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Bow Ties are Cool - Doctor Who Cast Regenerates In The Metaverse
With Bow Ties Are Cool – Doctor Who Cast Regenerates In The Metaverse, Matt Smith (The 11th Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), and Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams) took part in a virtual "family reunion." Bow Ties are Cool – Doctor Who Cast Regenerates In The Metaverse Smith, Gillan, and Darvill start off with an update on how each[...]
Amy Pond became a fan favourite companion BBC America became an active co-financier of the show and helped  up its profile in the US It established Matt Smith's 11th Doctor as a goofy, funny kid-friendly Doctor, but didn't shy away from the darker parts of his personality The episode also featured Olivia Colman as a[...]
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Karen Gillen, who played Amy Pond, will also be livetweeting, as will Richard Curtis and Tony Curran, who played Van Gogh National treasure Bill Nighy, who played the museum curator and admirer of Van Gogh will also join the event Cultural commentator and TV presenter Emma Freud will also livetweet the re-watch. can't be loaded[...]
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It also put Karen Gillan on the map as Amy Pond. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Eleventh Doctor Regenerates | Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi | Doctor Who ( "Doctor Who": Highs and Lows of the Moffat Era Unfortunately, their next seasons also showcased Moffat's storytelling excesses[...]
This applied to Amy Pond, who never really had an inner life; and River Song, who had all the affectations of a cool, tough female character but often came off more like a plot device than a character Moffat's female characters often existed in service to and in relation to The Doctor Even Missy, his[...]
Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: The Power Of Three
Just the kind of person Amy Pond needs Because Rory is her companion… and he'll never wander off. I Want A Cube Okay, maybe not the one that bursts into flames or shoots you with a laser or, indeed, stops your heart, even the one that plays The Birdy Song is a bit much but there must be[...]
Doctor Who Rocks New York Again, Bigger and Better – A Look! It Moves! Special by Adi Tantimedh
 It's the type of growing and renewable fandom that comics are failing to attract but which DOCTOR WHO has achieved brilliantly.  There were cosplayers galore: bowties, fezzes, long, multicoloured scarves, and three different varieties of Amy Pond costumes – Back-Packing-through-America-in-Flannel Amy, Red Jumper Amy, Black Leather Jacket Amy, though no Kiss-o-gram-Policewoman Amy this time.  And[...]
What's Better Than One Amy Pond?
So what does he have planned this year? Well, it appears to be two Amy Ponds. I can hear the fantasies of certain fanboys fulfilled across the world by that one. This is a tiny snippet from today's News Of The World that gives us a very grainy shot of the Doctor Who mini-episode planned for Red[...]