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Antarctic Press July 2018 Solicits
Gold Digger receives a Summer Special courtesy of a slew of creators and Antarctic Press Also get your Echo Base t-shirt and the second installment of Black Hops: U.S.A-*-G.I Full solicits below. BLACK HOPS: U.S.A.-*-G.I #2 (of 2) (miniseries, full color, 32 pgs., $3.99 U.S.) Cover: Dave Dorman Story: Mark Pellegrini Art: Timothy Lim & Brian Denham "Buns of the Patriots, Part 2" Alone[...]
Antarctic Press Publishes 'President Pence', And Other Solicits For September 2017
Antarctic Press is publishing a new comic book about a post-Donald Trump President Pence, who also now happens to be a superhero Out in September: PRESIDENT PENCE (ONE SHOT) Alfred Perez When the orange glory fades, it's time for brightest white to shine! Enemies of the state threaten from without and maybe from within, so it's time for[...]
A Fight To The Death Over Killbox
#Killbox on Comixology now! more in 2016 — Antarctic Press 🐧35th year in Comics! (@AntarcticPress) January 26, 2016 Brian Denham created a comic called Killbox for Antarctic Press back in 2002, updated in 2009, and it's still available on ComiXology with more planned for 2016. Indeed, I was doing some research on the subject of war in[...]
Antarctic Press Returns To The Furry
It was the year that Antarctic Press, publisher of titles such as Furrlough and Genus underwent a transformation, and ditched the furry comics, in favour of what they saw as more mainstream titles, such as Warrior Nun Areola. This is a true story. But in 2005, the publisher's thirtieth anniversary, they are returning to the fold with[...]
The Zombie Boy That Won't Die
In 1996 he had another volume come out from Antarctic Press. And then Zombie Boy went away… for fourteen years. With the popularity of web comics, Stoke dusted off Zombie Boy and retooled it as a regular webcomic. Now going into its third year, Zombie Boy has garnered enough of a following that the original books are showing up[...]