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Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show – From Futures End To New Avengers, Outcast, Batman Eternal, Roche Limit And More
Zombie: Futures End #1 DC Comics: Sinestro: Futures End #1 DC Comics: Red Lanterns: Futures End #1 DC Comics: The Flash: Futures End #1 DC Comics: Aquaman And The Others: Futures End #1 DC Comics: Superman: Futures End #1 Marvel Comics: New Avengers #24 Marvel Comics: Magneto #10 Marvel Comics: Loki Agent Of Asgard #6 Image Comics: Outcast #4 DC Comics: Batman Eternal #25 Vertigo: Bodies[...]
46 Thoughts About 45 Comics – Justice League Dark, Edge Of Spider-Verse, Futures End, Aquaman And The Others, Wayward, Roche Limit, Chew, Bob's Burgers, Doomed, Bee & Puppycat, Booster Gold, Magneto, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Tag, Red Sonja, Legenderry, Nightbreed, Butterfly, Pathfinder, Lumberjanes, Chronicles Of Hate, Evil Empire, Batman Eternal, My Little Pony, Superman, Harley Quinn,  Sinestro, GI Zombie, GI Joe, Red Lanterns, Flash, Catwoman, Saga, Bravest Warriors, Outcast, Battlestar Galactica 1880, Justice Inc, Voice In The Dark, City On The Edge Of Forever, Godzilla, Transformers, Ghostbusters, Samurau Jack, Steed & Mrs Peel. Empty Man,
With both it and Superman Doomed leading into next week's issue, there's a lot hanging on this rather entertaining exposition dump… Though no one does exposition quite like Chew… Though Aquaman And The Others: Futures End #1 seems more concerned with going over old ground An ex-lover's argument about something else where they really have other issues[...]
Here's That Futures End Panel From Today's Aquaman And The Others
For those of you not planning to pick up Aquaman And The Others #1… …here's why you might want to change your mind in the comic shop today, if you have any interest in Futures End. It all starts here… Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics in London, hosting a very special comic-based class on Dynamic Figure Drawing with  Michael Golden. There are very limited[...]
DC's Futures End Doesn't Begin On Free Comic Book Day. It Begins Tomorrow.
Tomorrow sees the launch of Aquaman And The Others, the new Aquaman monthly comic from Dan Jurgens, Alan Medina and Ed Tadeo Some may wonder if there's room on DC's stands for a second monthly Aquaman title. Well, this should answer those queries, certainly for the launch tomorrow Because this is where Futures End begins[...]
Frankensteining Marvel And DC Comics Solicitations For April 2014
TOMASI Art and cover by SCOT EATON and JAIME MENDOZA 1:25 Variant cover by KEVIN NOWLAN ONE-SHOT • On sale APRIL 30 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T The title says it all! FOREVER EVIL is over! Now, Batman has returned to take Gotham City back – by force! The only thing standing in his way?[...]
DC Comics Confirms Dan Jurgens On Aquaman And The Others
Dan Jurgens on Aquaman And The Others, the rumour built over the weekend. And DC's PR department let IGN know, officially, earlier today, Aquaman And The Others #1, a new ongoing series running alongside the existing Aquaman comic, written by Dan Jurgens and drawn by Lan Medina and Ed Tadeo. Two ongoing Aquabooks, who'd have thought? The series[...]
Dan Jurgens On Aquaman And The Others? (BOOTH UPDATE)
Dan Jurgens, who wrote Aquaman for a year during 2000, will be taking on the new DC Comics title, Aquaman And The Others. Jurgens is an accomplished writer/artist, mostly at DC Comics, with long runs on Superman and New 52 work on Justice League International and Green Arrow And the rumour goes he is using both[...]
Secret Origins, The New Ongoing From DC Comics
Maybe as you might expect. Because Secret Origins #1 is not a one shot, it's a new ongoing series, telling the origins of the New 52 DC characters, and switching creative teams issue to issue to issue. So based on that, and confirmation on Aquaman And The Others, yes, Justice League United also looks a pretty bankable[...]
Aquaman And The Others… And Others From DC Comics In April 2014
This does appear to be an article stub from DC Comics, indicating an Aquaman And The Others series from DC for 2014. That and other potential April delights have been running around the messageboards for the last couple of days. Such as this run down from our good friend Tako. Aquaman and the Others #1 Forever Evil Aftermath: Batman[...]