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"Game Grumps" Play "Magic: The Gathering: Arena"
Recently, the Game Grumps YouTube channel uploaded a video wherein one of their hosts, Arin Hanson, played Magic: The Gathering: Arena (the online interface for Wizards of the Coast's wonderfully-popular game Magic: The Gathering), while co-host Danny Avidan watched intently, bringing his own nostalgia into the mix. Source: The Grumps (YouTube) A few months back, the Grumps tried their hand[...]
"Game Grumps" Hosts Play "Magic: The Gathering"
From their Core 2019 commercial tying into their software interface Magic: The Gathering: Arena (wherein they hired Danny Trejo for a spot in the advertisement) to the addition of NFL athlete Cassius Marsh, linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals, to the Command Zone's "Game Knights" videos, Magic has had its share of celebrity appearances. Source: The Grumps (YouTube) Therefore,[...]
Arin Hanson from Game Grumps to Give PAX East Keynote
PAX East 2019 will be getting a little grump right off the bat as Arin Hanson of the Game Grumps will be giving the keynote speech on March 28th Hanson has been active in gaming, animation, voice acting, and even game development for years, making him a perfect fit for the opening "Storytime" address The[...]
Capcom Promotes the Field Of Fate Coming to Street Fighter V — Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) March 15, 2019 One of the funniest responses we saw online to this was from Arin Hanson of the Game Grumps, who disputed the claim that this is where Sagat got his scar from Ryu While it is true that it's cannon from the film, it's not true when it comes to[...]
The Game Grumps & Wendy's Finally Consummate Their Twitter Love
Today, they took their relationship to the next step as Wendy's did their best to "put an onion ring on it" and made Grumps founder and co-host Arin Hanson an honorary chef The entire thing was broadcast on Periscope as an ad for the restaurant, as well as them showing their appreciation to the Let's[...]