The Game Grumps & Wendy's Finally Consummate Their Twitter Love

If you've been following the Game Grumps official Twitter feed for the past year, you've probably seen their on-again-off-again relationship with fast food restaurants. They've basically tried to have relationships with places like Applebees, Olive Garden and Chili's. Many have tried to flirt with the Grumps, both fast food joints and major dining chains, but their main boo has always been Wendy's. The Grumps even held a random meet-and-greet at a Wendy's back in September 2016 with fans in Columbus, Ohio which saw hundreds come out and pack a local diner. Today, they took their relationship to the next step as Wendy's did their best to "put an onion ring on it" and made Grumps founder and co-host Arin Hanson an honorary chef. The entire thing was broadcast on Periscope as an ad for the restaurant, as well as them showing their appreciation to the Let's Play channel and their crew for the awesome Twitter lovefest.


After the ceremony, two chefs from Wendy's test kitchen in Ohio made him some specialty treats. Using only items from their current "4 For $4" deal (no, we're not being paid for this, though we do hope Wendy's might consider us a close friend to lean on with ads), they created concoctions that included having a bun made of fries, cheese stuffed paddies, mustard-flavored pickles, and two special sauces that we could only wish were on the menu right now. The first was a Coca-Cola flavored ketchup, while the other was a Dr. Pepper flavored BBQ sauce! Oh, and we got one of the biggest secrets about Wendy's revealed to us: their ketchup and mustard dispensers have a double spout, so when squeezed it spreads in the shape of a W.


Now ultimately, the entire ordeal was an ad brought on by a joke that the two entities have been sharing for almost a calendar year. But you could tell Arin was totally into it, and it's kinda cool to get a peek into the kitchen and see them mess with their own product. You can watch the entire video below, or you can wait until the Grumps put together a better video of footage they filmed of their journey, hopefully dropping sometime in the next week or so.

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