Art Spiegelman

Grab Back… RESIST! Volume 2 Comes To All Comic Book Stores For Independence Day

58,000 copies of the first volume of RESIST! were given away in January 2017 at the nation-wide women's march protests surrounding the inauguration. A female-focused, female-created response to the election of Donald Trump, some copies ended up in come comic stores but were more likely to be given away in other fashions. Now, with this, their second […]

Art Spiegelman Tops Petition Over Treatment Of Ex-Angoulême Director Gilles Ciment

La Cité de la BD is the French comic book institution that includes the Angoulême comics museum and is very influential in the annual Angoulême comic book festival, the largest such comic event in the Western world. Its director, Gilles Ciment was fired as Director earlier this year after what he said were significant conflicts with the […]

Argentinian Comics Star Liniers Knows All About Being A Fanboy

Ricardo Siri Liniers, who draws under the name "Liniers", was one of the special guests at Small Press Expo this year, and also an invited speaker at the Brooklyn Book Festival. Of all the all-star comics guests the two shows managed to attract, Liniers piqued the most curiosity from fans because not only is he […]