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Neil Gaiman, Evan Dorkin, Ryan North Petition Missouri Over Book Bans
Anderson, Margaret Atwood, Derf Backderf, Alison Bechdel, Khalil Bendib, Matt Bors, Ellen Crenshaw, Mike Curato, Juno Dawson, Evan Dorkin, Neil Gaiman, Roxane Gay, Deborah Hopkinson, Miles Hyman, Kelly Jensen, Lita Judge, Rupi Kaur, Maia Kobabe, Lois Lowry, Carmen Maria Machado, Dylan Meconis, Ryan North, David Small, Amir Soltani, Art Spiegelman and Colleen AF Venableare. Missouri schools[...]
The Vote To Ban Art Spiegelman's Maus From Classrooms
Right now, Maus Book One by Art Spiegelman is the second best-selling book on Amazon The Complete Maus is the fourth best-selling book on Amazon And Maus Book Two is the eleventh best-selling book on Amazon They are all the first, second and third best-selling graphic novels on Amazon, with the box-set in fifth place. And[...]
The Vote To Ban Art Spiegelman's Maus From Classrooms
Forty-two years after it was first released, Art Spiegelman's Maus is currently the twelfth best-selling graphic novel on for Book One, and 13th for the Complete Maus I wonder why? Well, it's all thanks to a school board in McMinn County, Tennessee which unanimously voted to remove Maus, the only graphic novel to win[...]
Grab Back… RESIST! Volume 2 Comes To All Comic Book Stores For Independence Day
The second volume contains known creators such as Roz Chast, Kristin Radtke, Miriam Katin, Cathy Malkasian, Laura Park, Lauren Weinstein, Daniel Clowes, Art Spiegelman, and more, along with new names, mostly female, some never-before-published, solicited through an open call and published under the slogan "Women's Voices Will be Heard," Stores are also encouraged to use them[...]
Art Spiegelman Tops Petition Over Treatment Of Ex-Angoulême Director Gilles Ciment
Its director, Gilles Ciment was fired as Director earlier this year after what he said were significant conflicts with the city and the festival. However, Ciment now has a petition on his behalf, signed by hundreds of comic creators demanding that he be fairly treated. It begins with Art Spiegelman, but also includes  Lewis Trondheim, José Muñoz, Emmanuel Guibert, Lorenzo[...]
Getting The Kids To Read Comics – Findings From A 'Great Experiment' In The Classroom
Our exploration of Art Spiegelman's use of animals for different groups sparked quite a heated conversation We also debated whether or not his graphic novel should be considered an historical work.  In dealing with comics and censorship (as well as autobiography), we read and discussed Blankets Many students were shocked that so many graphic novels[...]
Argentinian Comics Star Liniers Knows All About Being A Fanboy
Characteristically, his narrative was about the discomfort he felt painting the mural quickly under the gaze of one of his comics idols Art Spiegelman, literally sweating it out and critiquing himself mercilessly It was one of many encounters with personal idols he experienced during his US outing, forcing him to confront his own extreme fandom[...]