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John Zuur Platten & Atilio Rojo's St Mercy OGN From Image Comics
Mercy is a new graphic novel by John Zuur Platten and Atilio Rojo, to be released by Image Comics on the 26th of October, 2021. From the writer of Jurassic World Revolution, The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena and Wanted: Weapons of Fate comes a revenge tale that spans millennia! No good deed goes unpunished Mercedes[...]
Cyber Force #1 cover by Marc Silvestri
However, the story could have still been given more fresh material to make this revival feel worthwhile. Cyber Force #1 art by Atilio Rojo Beyond that, the art is solid Atilio Rojo brings to life a detailed world full of visually distinct characters The design of the cybernetics is unique The color is well-balanced and maintained. The addition[...]
Everything You Need To Know About Eden's Fall
There is the interview with Hawkins here and an early review of the book here. Also, if you're not familiar with the series that lead into Eden's Fall: You can read Think Tank #1 here, Postal #1 here, and The Tithe #1 here. And for a look inside, here are a few preview pages by artist Atilio Rojo from[...]
A Look Inside The IXth Generation: Hidden Files
This week from Top Cow sees the release of IXth Generation: Hidden Files #1 by Matt Hawkins and Atilio Rojo and it gives us a good look at the new world that Aphrodite IX is in along with her genetically engineered brethren It also features a back-up story by a Talent Hunt creative team. IXth GENERATION[...]
A Spotlight On Top Cow's Newest Artist Atilio Rojo
It's described as: An in-depth look at the realistic science of IXth GENERATION focusing on transhumanism, cybernetic enhancement, and genetic alteration in this dossier style book featuring new art by Stjepan Sejic. But it's also the place where we get to meet Top Cow's newest artist, Atilio Rojo. We've got some very cool sketches from Atilio that includes[...]