Cyber Force Gets 25-Issue Reboot For 25th Anniversary By Hawkins, Hill, Rojo, And A Little Silvestri

Cyber Force, the superhero team of mutant cyborgs created as one of the founding books for Image Comics 25 years ago, is about to embark on its most ambitious mission yet: publishing 25 consecutive uninterrupted issues! According to an EXCLUSIVE reveal on CBR, Cyber Force is getting a reboot of sorts by writers Matt Hawkins and Bryan Hill and artist Atilio Rojo, and the plan is to publish a Cyber Force 25th anniversary reboot series of 25 issues without a break.

Hawkins explains the rules of the Cyber Force 25th anniversary reboot:

We wanted to do something special with the 25th anniversary of the company and Cyber Force's launch so it made sense to do something new. Cyber Force Rebirth reintroduced a lot of these characters to readers and Aphrodite IX and IXth Generation all tied into one larger storyline. You won't have to have read any of those to jump in here though as we have a timeline reset based on events in IXth Generation Volume 2 where Aphrodite IX killed the Chairwoman (the main antagonist) when she was seven by using the Wheel of Shadows to go back in time. We're not playing a multiverse concept; more of a reality gets overwritten idea. I love string theory and multiverse ideas, but to base human perception there really only seems to be one linear timeline and we're rolling with that.

So this story starts before Cyber Force is formed and takes us through a semi-familiar origin story with a few twists and a hidden antagonist that has risen to replace the Chairwoman's original role.

And in what ways creator Marc Silvestri will be involved with the series:

Marc remains the creator of Cyber Force and will be developing out the stories and redesigning the characters a bit for this new series. He'll also be doing some covers.

Read more in CBR's interview if you like, and check out the preview pages below. Don't mind the CBR watermarks – sometimes they feel inadequate and need to compensate by slapping a big watermark on their EXCLUSIVE previews. It makes them feel important.

Those are some really impressive watermarks, CBR. Only a big, strong website could get such massive, throbbing EXCLUSIVES. *strokes CBR's back reassuringly* There there. There there.

Now that everyone is feeling good about themselves, let's get to the art from this Cyber Force 25th anniversary reboot:

Cyber Force 25th anniversary reboot

Cyber Force 25th anniversary reboot

Cyber Force 25th anniversary reboot

Cyber Force 25th anniversary reboot

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