Discussing The New Godzilla Movie And Comic With Their Creator, Max Borenstein

As well as being the driving force behind the new Godzilla screenplay, Max Borenstein was also tasked by Legendary with writing a tie-in comic book, Godzilla: Awakening I called up Borenstein last week and, after a series of technical problems, we finally had a good, long chat about the film, the comic, the monster and much[...]

Godzilla Prequel Graphic Novel To Be Released In Conjunction With Gareth Edwards' Reboot

[youtube][/youtube]That's Gareth Edwards, the director of the new reboot of Godzilla, announcing the official prequel graphic novel Godzilla: Awakening, which will be released on May 7th, nine days before the film hits theaters - ie just enough time to grab a copy and read it before going to see the movie.Greg Borenstein and the film's[...]

Oh, The Inhumanity: Awakening, Uncanny X-Men, Mighty Avengers And A.I.

which are essential? Which are nice, but not exactly necessary? And which are just chancing their arm in the hope of higher sales? Let's find out...Inhumanity: The Awakening #1It's got the crossover in the headline and everything, so...As a bunch of young X-Men from the Jean Grey school doing Infinity cleanup, find a new Inhuman[...]

Win! Some Horror DVDs, Thanks To Byzantium

Each includes copies of The Awakening, Chernobyl Diaries, and The Silent House on DVD.Follow the instructions below to be in with a chance of getting the goods. Byzantium arrives in cinemas on May 31st – and to mark the Neil Jordan’s welcome return to (and fresh take on) the vampire genre, we’ve got three horror DVD[...]

Two New Shows from the Makers of Misfits, The Fades, and Ghostwatch

The press release makes it sound like they'll be UK sourced shows being made for US broadcast, though I'm sure the series will get screened at home too.One is a sci-fi drama from Stephen Volk, writer of Ghostwatch and The Awakening; the other is.. erm.. a buddy cop show in which one of the buddies[...]

VIDEO: The Awakening Goes Under The Microscope With Director Nick Murphy

The Awakening is a haunted manor house story from the horror subgenre that brought you classics like The Others, The Haunting, The Innocents and The Woman In Black, and while not perhaps as striking and memorable as those films, it works well as a post-WWI drama about loss and trauma, and also managed some decent[...]