Front of Comic Universe comic shop

Comic Shop Launches Fundraiser To Avoid Bankruptcy

However in its forty-first year, it is approaching a very real threat of bankruptcy Owner for thirty-six of those years, John Daly has launched a GoFundMe fundraiser It aims to help with the costs of rent, landlord fees and utility payments and prevent bankrupty In a time of comic shop closures, and publisher postponements, the[...]

The Bankruptcy Of Loot Crate

The Bankruptcy Of Loot Crate, the Subscription Service That Changed Comics

And numbers dropped off a cliff.And so, inevitably, Look Crate has entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy But not before they fired up to fifty staff without notice or severance pay, owing millions to vendors.Subscribers got the following e-mail:Hey Looter, I am writing you with news – Loot Crate is being acquired Our proposed buyer Loot Crate Acquisition[...]

Mail Order Comics Files For Bankruptcy With Close To $1 Million In Debt

of Omaha Nebraska has filed for bankruptcy on January 28th 2014 According to the paperwork filed with the courts the company has close to $1 Million in debts and less than $50,000 in assets, none of which is likely to be made available to creditors On-line the company is known as mailordercomics.comMitch Meyers, 25% owner of[...]

No. More. Bankruptcy.

Legal eagle Daniel Best sticks up the news (and legal evidence) that not only is Todd McFarlane Productions out of bankruptcy but has paid Neil Gaiman over a million dollars (to be said, of course, with the crook of your little finger on the corner of your mouth) for the privelege Though Daniel does point[...]

All About Books And Comics And/Or Samurai Comics Step In For Atomic Comics Customers

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported on the closure of all four Phoenix branches of Atomic Comics earlier this week, after owner Michael Malve declared bankruptcy, to the shock of the industry.It also came as quite a shock to its customers, especially with the DC Relaunch imminent.Local Phoenix store All About Books And Comics has come to[...]

Steve Geppi Considered Bankruptcy In 2010

Geppi, are you in any bankruptcy proceedings? A: No. Q: Is Diamond International Galleries in any bankruptcy proceedings? A: No, it's not. MR HONE: Given it a great deal of thought though, just in time for your motion for summary judgment perhaps. Which may have helped the family of Montana find settlement with Geppi Six months previously,[...]

Diamond Book Distributors Resumes Selling Graphic Novels To Borders

Before the bankruptcy announcements, Diamond had suspended all sales.However Diamond has told publishers that Borders are still not sending back returns, so this is still a precarious position.Developing...Is this a show of confidence? Or one of desperation?Comic book publishers have been told that this week, Diamond will resume sending books to Borders[...]

Borders Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

And there goes the other shoe.Today, Borders filed for Chapter 11 protection in New York.Which means that the company can continue trading for now but can ignore any immediate claims on money owed.This comes a month after Borders Group, which includes Borders and Waldenbooks, stated it may have to restructure under bankruptcy.At Christmas, the company[...]

Borders Delay Payments To Publishers – Is Bankruptcy Imminent?

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas. Borders, the national bookstore chain in the USA, have announced that they will be delaying payments to publishers. Borders has been trying to find new financing to avoid breaking the terms of its credit agreements, but that seems to have stalled. Shares have fallen by over 10% as a result. […]

Did Aliens Steal Pat Lee's Money?

Pat Lee is a comic creator who, along with his brother Roger Lee, started Dreamwave Productions. And then managed to divert all its income streams into a new company Dream Engine before then making Dreamwave bankrupt, owing stacks of cash to creators and companies alike. And then managed to do the same with Dream Engine. […]