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That New DC Comics Origin For The Joker in Walmart Batman Giant #5
Last week we talked about how the new Batman Giant #5, in Walmarts as of last weekend, was promising a new origin of The Joker Now, I am far, far away from the nearest Walmart, and there is no sign of Batman Giant #5 coming to comic book stores, or even digital comics, any time[...]
Batman Giant #5 Comes to Walmart
But are we getting a new version? Batman Giant #5 came to Walmart this weekend Just as Batman Giant #4 was getting to comic shops – with two different covers, depending whether stores ordered from UCS/Lunar or Diamond Comic Distributors We mentioned the new issue was published by a new printer, LSC Communications from the un-shutdown[...]
DC Comics, Now Printing In Owensville, Massachusetts
They get the indicia credit on the Batman Giant #5 in Walmarts this weekend, rather than Transcontinental for previous issues, with the note that it was printed on the 17th of April 2020 Which was right in the heart of the shutdown time. LSC Communications is one of the largest printers in the USA, have regularly[...]