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Bayonetta 3 hasn't been canceled, Hideki Kamiya has been assuring fans.
Hideki Kamiya would like to reassure fans that no, Bayonetta 3 has not been canceled, though it appears fans seem to be under the impression that it might have been A recent interview with the Kamiya, the game's director, has revealed that the game is still very much in the works There hasn't been any[...]
The Development Of "Bayonetta 3" Is "Progressing Smoothly"
For those who may be curious about what the development process for Bayonetta 3 is like these days, we got some good news It's going fine In a brief interview with Ryokutya2089, Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba discussed how things are going with the game A few different sites have taken a crack[...]
PlatinumGames is Teasing A Major Announcement For Next Week
For one, some news on the upcoming Bayonetta 3 would certainly be appreciated. Fans have been chomping at the bit for additional news (or maybe even a release date) about the stylish action game, so it would be nice to see some movement in that regard Director Hideki Kamiya mentioned to Famitsu that development on the[...]
PlatinumGames Apparently Has Multiple Announcements For 2020
Bayonetta 3 isn't the only thing that appears to be on PlatunumGames' plate, as it seems we're going to be getting more games from them in 2020 In a translated interview on Silicon Era, Atsushi Inaba spoke briefly about what's to come from the studio And according to him, there will be a series of[...]
Nintendo Claims Bayonetta 3 is Coming Later in 2019
According to a certain podcast interview, it appears that Bayonetta 3 may be coming out by the end of the year, according to a Nintendo employee During an episode of the Nintendo Power Podcast, Senior Product Marketing Manager Bill Trinnen was quoted about games that may be coming out over the rest of 2019, and[...]
Bayonetta 3 Announced at the Game Awards, and It Is a Nintendo Switch Exclusive
Bayonetta 3 is coming. There wasn't too much in way of details, except the big news is Platinum Games is back and, perhaps more importantly, it is a Nintendo Switch Exclusive Now, the Nintendo exclusivity was the case of the last game too, so this isn't necessarily surprising, but it certainly is a big deal. Nothing on[...]