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Free On Bleeding Cool: Beast Wagon #1 By Owen Michael Johnson And John Pearson
By Olly MacNamee I've followed the evolution of modern-day Animal Farm-esque  comic Beast Wagon since the first issue was released and with the imminent release of issue 4, the penultimate issue the creators are going on an international signing tour across the USA and the UK in June and July Dates and locations can be found below. And[...]
'Dangerous Animals Are Exciting' – Reviewing Beast Wagon No.3
Breaking down the barriers of time and space, one of Beast Wagon's many characters, Patrick Edwards, is transported back through time to his childhood and a particularly fond memory A memory not too far removed from the plot of the series thus far, as little Patrick sums up the plot of issue one concisely to[...]
Previewing Beast Wagon No.3 – The Empty Frame
Patrick takes a trip. An abundance of anaesthetics and prosthetics. Things get weird.' The third issue of the critically acclaimed British Comic Award nominated series by Owen Michael Johnson & John Pearson, with letters by Colin Bell. Beast Wagon #3 is released Feb 27 and can be pre-ordered here. Owen Michael Johnson & John Pearson will be signing copies at[...]
'If We've Done Our Jobs, The Reader Will Find All Of Them Compelling, Even The Monsters' – Interviewing Beast Wagon Creators Owen Michael Johnson and John Pearson
By Olly MacNamee With Beast Wagon being one of many independent and thought provoking comics on offer this weekend at Thought Bubble, I was able to catch up with Owen Michael Johnson and John Pearson to talk about the success of Beast Wagon ahead of their travels up North. Olly MacNamee: Owen, In 'Beast Wagon' you've created a world[...]
Mac's Books: 'The Animals Are Revolting' Beast Wagon No.2
Today, we welcome back Owen Michael Johnson and John Pearson's Beast Wagon, no strangers. Beast Wagon No.2 (Changeling Studios) Writer: Owen Michael Johnson Artist: John Pearson The animals are revolting, but the humans are even more revolting as we welcome back the malcontent menagerie of Whipsnarl Zoo and their human jailers in Beast Wagon No.2. In this second issue of[...]
Mac's Books Reviewed – Beast Wagon, Reel Love Act Two: Confessions, Zarjaz No. 24
By Olly MacNamee. A monthly review spotlighting the best titles the UK indie press has to offer. Beast Wagon (Changeling Studios) Reel Love, Act Two: Confessions (Changeling Studios) Zarjaz No 24 (FutureQuake) Beast Wagon Writer: Owen Michael Johnson Artist: John Pearson Like many first issues, Beast Wagon No.1 is a scene-setter, introducing us to the cast of both animals and humans, who will,[...]