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Appearing Together For The First Time, Marvel & DC's Editors-In-Chief
Heroes Comic Con, held at the Brussels Expo in Belgium this September have scored a first, denied to closer, more American shows With both Marvel Editor-In-Chief C B Cebulski and DC Comics Editor-In-Chief Marie Javins as official guests of the show, and will be both doing portfolio reviews. I wouldn't read anything too much into this, don't[...]
Today, Blizzard issued a statement on its forums letting people know that loot boxes have been disabled for two games in Belgium Specifically for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm Following the trend that Valve first started with CS:GO a few weeks ago, the company is following the local law after they had been considered gambling[...]
New CS:GO Update Stops Loot Boxes from Being Opened in Netherlands, Belgium
When last we spoke about the judgment about loot boxes around the world, The Netherlands and Belgium decided to classify them as gambling This led Valve to shut down their system in both those countries until they could find a solution The solution they came up with: eliminate the ability to open them. The latest update to[...]
Since the games are already pre-built to work on a specific model worldwide, it would mean they'd have to remove them for all copies globally, which we know they just won't do, which means at some point if Belgium officials push to have the law enforced, you'll probably see a massive legal battle on the[...]
VTM News, one of Belgium's news networks, is reporting that Belgium is looking to have Loot Boxes banned in Europe as it constitutes a form of gambling According to a translation of the story, the Belgium's Gaming Commission did an investigation on loot boxes to determine if they were, in fact, a form of gambling, which[...]
MCM Comic Con To Launch Shows In Germany And Belgium
But it seems the traffic is travelling in the opposite direction. MCM, Britain's largest and most popular comic book convention organisers by far, are spreading their wings to mainland Europe with MCM-branded shows in Germany and Belgium this summer, with MCM Hannover Comic Con coming to Hannover Messe on 4-5th June and MCM Belgium Comic Con[...]
Tuesday Runaround – Carry On X-Men
CARRY ON X-MEN Chris Weston, you utter beauty. I love Kenneth Williams as Megneto. HACKING AWAY The New Statesman looks at the work of a couple of British