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First Look at Grimmer, Grittier, Dickless Post-Shooting Nightwing #50
It's clear Dick remembers how to fight and still harbors his thirst for justice, but will he ever be Nightwing again? Can he ever be Nightwing again? It's the kind of question that can only be answered by a super-mega-crossover event, we imagine. Nightwing #50 also marks writer Ben Percy's final issue on the book, and he's[...]
Marvel Releases Wolverine: The Long Night Podcast Series Trailer
Marvel has teamed up with podcast platform Stitcher to help Wolverine violate your ear holes with the 10-episode podcast Wolverine: The Long Night, and they've released an audio sample from the series for you to check out below. Written by comic book author Ben Percy (Green Arrow, Teen Titans) and directed by Brendan Baker, with Chloe[...]
Wolverine audio drama
Richard Armitage will voice the hairy Canuck himself. Writer Ben Percy said of the project: "It's very easy to turn up the volume on reality [in Alaska] In addition to the crime investigation into the serial killer on the loose, there are also elements of the fantastic And some of them have to do with Wolverine as[...]
Ben Percy Is Taking Green Arrow To His Robin Hood Roots
Ben Percy has big plans for Green Arrow in the next six issue story arc He describes it as part Robin Hood and part The Wire as Oliver Queen returns to Seattle as a fugitive, his home being destroyed, his identity wiped out and his company stole by his former mentor Doesn't seem like he's[...]
Green Arrow's Sexiest Story Ever
Writer Ben Percy talks about the issue in this interview, referring to it as their Blue Lagoon moment Percy, with a voice so deep that Barry White would say "Damn", describes the romantic and intimate connection between the two and how they explore their personal scars… plus there is something dangerous on the island, but[...]
Ben Percy On How The Current Green Arrow Story Will Connect To Rebirth
Ben Percy talked with Jason Inman of DC All-Access about Green Arrow #52 With the apparent death of GA and Deathstroke transporting Dr Miracle back to the diseased ravaged Seattle, Percy was asked how much of the current storyline will carry over into Rebirth The writer explained that he looks at his work on the book[...]