The Difficulty Getting DC Comics to Berlin Right Now

The Difficulty Getting DC Comics to Berlin Right Now

British comic stores get to use Diamond until the end of the year - but what about the rest of Europe? Tobias Heidemann and two colleagues own a comic shop in Berlin He tells us;[caption id="attachment_1235037" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The Difficulty Getting DC Comics to Berlin Right Now.[/caption] Black Dog Comics has been around for over 25[...]

Shadowplay: Michael C. Hall Taylor Kitsch Join The Bridge Co-Creator Mans Marlinds Thriller Series

'Shadowplay': Michael C. Hall, Taylor Kitsch Join 'The Bridge' Co-Creator Mans Marlind's Thriller Series

The series is planned as a 16-episode series (told in two, eight-episode); with production on the first eight episodes beginning on April 29, and work on the remaining eight episodes commencing in 2020.[caption id="attachment_1016291" align="alignnone" width="1600"] Netflix/HBO[/caption]Created and written by Mårlin and set in Berlin during summer of 1946, Shadowplay is a character-driven thriller centering[...]

SuperQueeroes Take Berlin

SuperQueeroes Take Berlin

For the first time in Germany - indeed, across Europe - a museum is devoting an entire exhibition to LGBTQ comic book characters and stories.The SuperQueeroes exhibition at the Schwules Museum in Berlin focuses on “heroes & heroines,” covering not only superheroes but more slice-of-life comics books from the smaller press.A special section is reserved for the[...]

In One Week in Two Weeks&#8230 From Barb Wire To Berlin

In One Week, in Two Weeks… From Barb Wire To Berlin

In one week… the launches of Barb Wire, Mickey Mouse, Onyx, We Stand On Guard, Red Skull, Spire, Bob's Burgers, Will Eisner's Spirit, Grant Morrison's 18 Days, Grimm Fairy Tales: Coven, the fourth issue of Secret Wars and the nineteenth issue of Berlin.And in two weeks? The week of San Diego Comic Con? We have the launches of Negative[...]

Captain America 3 Shooting From April In Puerto Rico Berlin And Atlanta

Captain America 3 Shooting From April, In Puerto Rico, Berlin And Atlanta

When asked about that upcoming threequel, Captain America: Civil War, he said...[youtube][/youtube] "We start shooting in April so it's going to be a lot of flyin and fighting for about five months." Costner asked where, "Puerto Rico, Berlin and Atlanta" Will he be Cap by the end of the movie, as in the comics? No one asked him that...[...]