DC Comics Rebirth: Could It Be A Reboot After All?

Since I first started talking about the new DC Comics renumbering and relaunching planned from June, there has been something that has evaded me. Is it a reboot or a relaunch? I've previous stated that, as far as I understood it, it is a relaunch with a modicum of retconning. Introducing new, unrevealed elements of […]

The DC Comics Superhero Siege Event That Never Was And Never Will Be

Bleeding Cool has already mentioned how a bunch of pitches and ideas have simply been thrown out with the news of the upcoming DC Comics Rebirth event, and creators and editors aren't allowed to pitch them any more, no matter how good they were. Well, one of them it seems was from Dan DiDio. And […]

DC Comics Rebirth: What Happened To The Old DC Comics Pitches?

It's a hard time pitching at DC Comics right now. Everyone's at it, everyone's in competition with each other – even those who don't know they're in competition with anyone. But what's worse for some is that anything that was in the middle of being pitched, or considered, is dead. Everything has to be new. […]

DC Comics Rebirth: Damian Wayne To Lead The New Teen Titans

Bleeding Cool has already told you that we are getting a new Titans series as part of the upcoming DC Rebirth event. We didn't now if there would be a Teen Titans book anymore. Turns out there is. And it will be led by the ten year old son of Batman himself, Damian Wayne. He's […]

DC Comics Rebirth: A New Justice Society Of America Ongoing Title To Launch

I understand that, as part of the upcoming DC Rebirth project, DC Comics will be launching a new Justice Society Of America comic book. Currently in the New 52, there was no Justice Society in the forties fighting in World War II. The analogous team fought on Earth 2 instead. But now, not only will […]

DC Comics Rebirth: Peter Tomasi Is The New Superman Bi-Weekly Writer

It's not a "glamorous" casting as with Batman, but it makes me very pleased.Because I've been told that Peter Tomasi is the writer of the new Superman bi-monthly comic book, part of the DC Rebirth.He's seen as a safe pair of hands, a journeyman, a veteran editor-turned-comic creator But when I've read his comics, I[...]

DC Comics Rebirth: Rumoured New Comics, Including 'The Super Man'

Another DC Rebirth rumour comes from Writer X – I talked about his credentials here. He – or she, I suppose, though the person identifies as male – claims a number of new titles for the DC Rebirth. They include: The Super Man. Three words there, not sure what the separation signifies – something psychological? Of […]

DC Comics Rebirth: Tom King Is The New Batman Bi-Weekly Writer?

Bleeding Cool was the first to report that Scott Snyder would be leaving the Batman monthly comic he has flourished on, as it goes bi-weekly and starts from a new #1 as part of the DC Rebirth relaunch project. And that Snyder will instead take on the also-relaunched-but-staying-monthly Detective Comics, also starring Batman. As part […]

Deadpool – "A Love Story that Turns Into D*ck Kicking Revenge"

Ryan Reynolds appeared on the Graham Norton Show on BBC1 earlier last week to promote his new movie Deadpool. There was just one exchange that I thought could do with a little transcribing. Talking about this banner ad, Norton noted that the film was out for Valentine's Day, and has Valentine's Day references in it. […]