Deadpool – "A Love Story that Turns Into D*ck Kicking Revenge"

Ryan Reynolds appeared on the Graham Norton Show on BBC1 earlier last week to promote his new movie Deadpool. There was just one exchange that I thought could do with a little transcribing.


Talking about this banner ad, Norton noted that the film was out for Valentine's Day, and has Valentine's Day references in it.

Ryan Reynolds: "There is a big love story in this film. The love story quickly turns into dick-kicking revenge, but, still, it's a love story."

Worth sharing, no?

Will Smith replied "I like how it shocks me, cos on American TV, you can't say stuff like that."

Reynolds also told us that the film was R rated in the US, rated 15 in the UK and "in China it's rated go f*ck yourself."

Can't say it on American websites either, it seems…

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