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Lauren Tsai Joins Season 3 of FX's 'Legion'
There is finally some news about FX's Legion season 3! One of our favorite shows of the last two years, Legion is Noah Hawley's adaptation of Chris Claremont's Marvel Comics title with art by Bill Sienkiewicz The series reflects much of the source material- surreal visuals complimented artistically with music choices and a pretty outstanding cast. Speaking of cast- we do[...]
Survivors' Club: CW Adapting DC-Vertigo Horror Comic to Series
Famed comic book artist Bill Sienkiewicz supplied the cover artwork. Written by Jared Frieder (MTV's Sweet/Vicious), Survivors' Club is set in a world where horror franchise monsters are real – where twins Jason and Jennifer barely survived a demonic childhood possession that claimed their mother's life and fractured their bond Ten years later, when a new evil force[...]
Bill Sienkiewicz Halloween Art 4
One of the best artists in the game (and of all-time in my book) Bill Sienkiewicz created an exclusive print for SDCC this past July, which is right here: You had to find the Halloween street team to get one (which I did), and he was at the show so I got mine signed It is[...]
Bill Sienkiewicz Shares New Legion Season 2 Art
Legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz showed off some new artwork for FX's Legion Season 2 on Twitter Wednesday morning The show's second season premiered yesterday, and you can read Bleeding Cool's "Let's Talk About" for the episode here. Sienkiewicz's posters are spoiler-free, so feel free to check them out below: New #LegionFX @LegionFX artwork @sinKEVitch #MARVEL @Marvel — Bill Sienkiewicz[...]
Mondo Has a New Black Panther Poster by Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Chris Sotomayer
Are you excited for Black Panther tomorrow, but having trouble deciding which commercially available Black Panther movie poster to us to display that excitement in your living room? Perhaps you might be interested in this one from Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Chris Sotomayer? The poster will be available tomorrow for purchase from Mondo Cowan, who[...]
Bill Sienkiewicz Covers The Walking Dead For #177, #178, and #179
Following up on December's story that legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz would provide variant covers for The Walking Dead #175 and #176, Image Comics revealed today that Sinkiewicz will also provide covers for subsequent issues #177, #178, and #179 In the upcoming covers Sienkiewicz draws The Governor, Andrea, and Carl, adding to the previous covers which[...]
Deathstroke Annual #1 cover by Ryan Sook
It was a bold and shocking move, and it was gripping enough so that the flaws in its execution didn't completely ruin it for me. Deathstroke Annual #1 art by Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Jeromy Cox Denys Cowan takes over the pencil work for this comic It's grittier and less clean-looking than Diogenes Neves's work, and it[...]
moon night
In that time he was written by John Warner, David Kraft, Bill Mantlo and, ironically enough, Steven Grant. He would then go back to Moench in the Hulk Magazine from issues #11 through #20 with art by Gene Colan and Keith Pollard before finally falling into the hands of Bill Sienkiewicz, who immediately tweaked the character[...]
temple of art
With a panel that included filmmakers Allan Amato and Olga Nunes, as well documentary subjects Bill Sienkiewicz, David Mack, Jason Shawn Alexander, Megan Hutchinson, and Dave Crosland, it was a panel that definitely should not have been missed. Filmmakers Allan Amato and Olga Nunes Temple of Art is a documentary film about, as described by Nunes, why[...]
John Carpenter's 'The Thing' Commemorative Art Book At SDCC
Some of the contributors are David Mack, Bill Sienkiewicz, Cat Staggs, Jim Calafiore, Dave Crosland, Jon Schnepp, and Frazer Irving, making for a gorgeously chilling lineup of Thing-inspired art pieces. In addition, it will be containing a foreword by horror actor, director, and writer Eli Roth, as well as words from the man himself, John Carpenter, about[...]
Hero Initiative To Hold 3 Live Auctions For Wonder Woman 100 Project
A limited edition hardcover will be available direct from Hero Initiative at the same time. Wonder Woman 100 Project covers, Adam Hughes and Bill Sienkiewicz Hero Initiative, the charity that helps comic book creators in medical and financial need, is showing off Wonder Woman in all her glory. DC Entertainment created a precious few blank-covered editions of the[...]
Bill Sienkiewicz Talks David Haller And The Legion TV Series
Bill Sienkiewicz walked the red carpet for the Legion world premier and was asked a few questions about the character he co-created (with Chris Claremont) over 30 years ago He talks about his reaction to the series, what he tries to achieve with his art and where the character's distinctive hair style comes from. can't[...]