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A Bizarro For All Seasons – Tim Sale's Guest Spot In Bizarro #6
One thing the Bizarro mini-series has been noted for is the guest spots from a variety of artists from Bill Sienkiewicz to Darwyn Cooke each adding a page or a spot illustration without any publicity before publication. And the final issue is no exception with Tim Sale drawing Superman in the style most associated with Superman For[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes – Snow To Bizarro
Bizarro #4 was solicited with art by Gustave Duarte but had an added Darwyn Cooke page! Look! Constantine: The Hellblazer #4 was solicited with art by Vanesa Del Rey but was joined by Chris Visions. Injustice: Gods Among Us – Year Four #10 was solicited with art by Mike S Miller but was actually by Xermanico & Bruno Redondo. Secret Six #6 was solicited with art[...]
Today's Guest-Artists In Bizarro #3 Are… (SPOILERS)
Issue 1 of Bizarro had a surprise guest appearance by Bill Sienkiewicz. Issue 2 saw Kelley Jones pop by….   And Francis Manapul. And issue 3 out today? Why if it isn't Gabriele Bá and Fábio Moon taking a day trip to the Bizarro road trip… and getting completely lost! Bizarro is a really silly book[...]
DC Comics Don't Appeal To Younger Children, According To Twix
As a responsible marketer, we focus all our outreach on audiences 13+ and avoid publications that would appeal to younger children." "Obviously ½ page spreads are not new to the comic book industry, but we worked extremely close with DC Comics' co-publishers, who in turn engaged DC's editorial teams to ensure our TWIX advertisement received the[...]
Bill Sienkiewicz, A Surprise Guest Artist For Bizarro #1
Today's launch of Bizarro #1 features a variant cover by Kyle Baker But surprisingly, it also featured a page guest drawn by the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz Well, at least two thirds of it anyway, with regular artist Gustavo Duarte drawing the rest. What fun! Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, who will be hosting Mike Carey[...]
Dan DiDio Just Answered My Questions On Prez, Doomed, Mystic U And Section 8
And that's what makes the line, from Batmite and Bizarro's all ages titles, pushed to the other side with Section 8 and the dark, biting Omega Men…. And what's nice about this way of presenting info, is that it is direct to comic store customers, in the store, where they can then make purchasing and pull list decisions,[...]
Blame It On The Parents – Thirteen Thoughts About Thirteen Villains Month Comics, Darkseid, Desaad, Cyborg Superman, Bizarro, Joker, Creeper, Two-Face, Grodd, Count Vertigo, Deadshot, Poison Ivy, Relic And Ventriloquist
That potential sibling rivalry doesn't go well. While in Bizarro #1, Lex Luthor has fatherly ambition for his "son" And no, that doesn't work out well either. The Joker, in a flashback story, also flashbacks to his childhood, brought up without parents and an oppressive abusive aunt, giving him the impetus to bring up a gorilla in[...]
The Villains Of DC Comics Villains Month – Tuesday Trending Topics
And of course, Bizarro So what Villains Month titles are we expecting from DC in September? When all the DC New 52 comic books are changing their titles to reflect the name of the bad guy and a new issue one… Most-Read Comic Stories Tuesday: So… What Will Be The New Villains Month Titles For DC Comics[...]
Whiz Comics #2
One of the highlights of this second round of Super-titles is Superman #140, featuring the first appearance of Bizarro Supergirl, graded 9.4 by CGC with off-white pages The highest-graded copy to go up for sale, bidding closed out at $3,700, over four times the cost paid for a CGC 9.2 copy last year. The following issue,[...]