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Batman & Superman Animated Series Posters Coming From Mondo Tomorrow
The regular version features the Man of Steel looking over his city, while the variant features Bizzaro instead of Superman Like the Batman ones, the regular edition will cost $45, and the Bizzaro variant will cost $65 You can see them all below, and be ready when they go live tomorrow on The Drop at[...]
The Impressive List Of Villains From Supergirl Season One
And of course their version of Bizzaro. The video below highlights the villains of the season, though they don't include Maxwell Lord. [youtube][/youtube] Supergirl season one had an impressive list of villains in the first season, most of whom were borrowed from her cousins list of rogues Toyman, Silver Banshee, Livewire and Reactron to name a few[...]
DC Collectibles: More Toys Than Can Fit In Santa's Sack
This led to them showing off their New 52 Villains figures, starting with the reveal of Bizzaro and armored up Lex Luthor Luthor is still in the prototype stage This was followed by a Suicide Squad 3-pack that includes Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Captain Boomerang, which has been shown before.The panel asked if anyone would[...]