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Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Heart Of The Shadow? Part I
Bill Finger said that he used The Shadow and other pulp characters for inspiration when creating Batman with Bob Kane and even used one of the Shadow pulp novels, Partners In Peril by Theodore Tinsley as the basis for Batman's first adventure In the early Batman comics we see the character written in more of[...]
Bob Kane To Get A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson, former Robin Chris O'Donnell, Big Bang Theories Jim Parsons, Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe,  upcoming Ant-Man Paul Rudd and Batman creator Bob Kane. The categories are Motion Picture, Television, Recording, Radio and Live Performance/Live Theater… Kane is getting his for motion pictures A shame there is no Comic Book[...]
New Batman And Joker B&W Statues Sprang From DC Collectibles
Sprang began drawing the Dark Knight's adventures in 1943 but as was the case he was a ghost artist and credit went to Bob Kane In 1955 he replaced Curt Swan as the regular artist for the Superman/Batman stories in World's Finest until his retirement in 1963. One off the stories Spran drew, Joker's Millions, was adapted[...]
Batman Vs. Superman: Golden Age Duality During the Great Depression
It could be said that Batman has often coasted by on the mystique of his persona—but that concept wasn't oversaturated during the Bob Kane era Batman looked the part, sure, but his early stories often amounted to sensationalized versions of other detective tales Batman was never going to wow anyone punching through bricks, so his[...]
The Mount Rushmore Of The Comic Industry
But, does one creation, even as great as this earn them two spots out of four? It's not like you can separate one from the other. Bob Kane – Batman may be the single most popular comic character ever created He's been the lead of multiple movies, television and animation series, toys, t-shits, etc It's been[...]
Ty Templeton Shows Us Bob Kane's Batman… But What About Frank D. Fosters?
I'm sure Bob Kane would have come up with a few more things… but this is pretty funny. You can see the rest here. Rich adds: Of course there are yet more controversies over the original inspiration for Batman, namely Frank D Foster in 1982, creating Batman and Night-Wing…    These first Batman drawings by Frank Foster are[...]
Help Get Bill Finger A Google Doodle For His 100th Birthday
He just did so many things at the beginning, … creating almost all the other characters, … the whole persona, the whole temper." – Jerry Robinson (Creator of the Joker) "The Darknight [sic] Detective debuted in [Detective] #27, the creation of Bob Kane and Bill Finger." – Paul Levitz (Writer And Former DC Comics President) "Now that[...]
The Bob Kane Signed Joker Drawing Found In The Storage Room
I found this in the corner of one of his storage rooms…" That's a Joker art piece, personalised to the CEO in question, and signed by Bob Kane. "My CEO collects comic books and art I found this in the corner of one of his storage rooms…" That's a Joker art piece, personalised to the CEO in[...]
Robot Chicken DC Special Has Creator Credits For Many Characters… But Not Batman?
But one early viewer noticed something they thought Bleeding Cool might be interested in. And they were right. Ever since Bob Kane negotiated himself a rather exceptional deal with DC Comics, he has been credited on every appearance of the character with the legend "Batman created by Bob Kane" even though many of the contemporary and successive[...]