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Comic Book and TV Writer Si Spencer, Has Died, Aged 56
He worked on titles such as Crisis, Revolver, Judge Dredd Megazine and was an editor of Deadline. For the US, and for DC Comics, he wrote Books of Magick: Life During Wartime, Vinyl Underground, Hellblazer: City of Demons, Bodies and Slash and Burn He also wrote the graphic novel Klaxon. As well as writing comic books, Si[...]
Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show – From Futures End To New Avengers, Outcast, Batman Eternal, Roche Limit And More
Zombie: Futures End #1 DC Comics: Sinestro: Futures End #1 DC Comics: Red Lanterns: Futures End #1 DC Comics: The Flash: Futures End #1 DC Comics: Aquaman And The Others: Futures End #1 DC Comics: Superman: Futures End #1 Marvel Comics: New Avengers #24 Marvel Comics: Magneto #10 Marvel Comics: Loki Agent Of Asgard #6 Image Comics: Outcast #4 DC Comics: Batman Eternal #25 Vertigo: Bodies[...]
A Comic Show – With Outcast, Low, Sandman, And Bodies, Who Needs Heroes?
Go Rick, Go! Show all the haters what you got! Letter 44 by Charles Soule is out in collection with a beautifully designed cover. Vertigo has another issue of Sandman: Overture, it's worth the wait, and I love Cat Sandman! The new Si Spurrier book, Bodies, is a twisted Vertigo crime book featuring four murders in[...]
David Finch's Cover For Vertigo's Bodies
This is the cover to Vertigo's new series, Bodies.   DC Comics have got David Finch to draw a 1-in-13 variant cover to help goose sales of the first issue, which will also be fully returnable to retailers who order 90% of their orders on American Vampire: Second Cycle So, given your prejudices about Finch and the[...]