Matt Martin Talks Webwitch And The Overwhelming Fan Support

Boundless Comics has been on a great streak lately. Each of their kickstarter projects have funded early into the cycle allowing them to offer some extra cool stretch goals. Their latest kickstarter is no different with Matt Martin's Webwitch getting close to triple its goal with only a few hours left. I had a chance to talk to Martin about the project and the fan reaction to it.

Webwitch1BLEEDING COOL: Let's start off with the easy question. For those who aren't familiar with the character, who is Webwitch and just what does having alien DNA in her system do for her?

MATT MARTIN: Nina, our Webwitch, was used, in the previous Tim Vigil series, by the government to wipe out the alien colony of Webwitches on Earth.  Once the queen was dead, Nina was no longer able to physically transform into her  Webwitch form, but she retained her agility and killer instinct.  But readers won't need that info to enjoy my series, but that is a kernel I carry over.  What Nina discovers in my new series is that she is more powerful and capable than she ever knew.  Her life as a spy is actually a lot of fun when she has super-powers.

BC: What can you tell me about the new series? Will this pick up one the previous stories or is it stand-alone? Is this a good jumping in point for new readers?

MM: Nina, our main character, has a new life following previous events so you don't have to read any of the previous books to understand what's happening. Because she's living a human life when this story begins, readers will discover her new powers as she does.  But when the alien race decides to invade Earth for good, suddenly she's the most important woman on Earth as she can bridge the two races.

BC: How does it feel to blow past the Kickstarter goal so early on?

MM: It's great to see such enthusiasm for something I've worked so hard on.   It's always so hard to put something new into the world but it is really great when people are so supportive of the end result.

BC: You are already well into the project with over 80 pages complete. Once you wrap it up, what is next for you? 

MM: I'm sure I'll continue working on covers for Avatar Press, but as far as my next book goes, that is something that remains to be seen.  Hard to even see past this monster at the moment!   I wouldn't mind spending more time with Nina, she's a lot of fun!

To back the return of Matt Martin's Webwitch and get all the extra rewards before it's too late, click here.

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