Artist Brent Peeples Talks About Drawing A Steampunk Green Hornet

With the upcoming spinoffs of Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure from Dynamite, Byron Brewer has talked to all of the writers, but now he sits down with artist Brent Peeples to talk about his take on the steampunk world of Legenderry: Green Hornet.

  1. LGH_Peeples Art-1BYRON BREWER: Brent, how did you get assigned to Legenderry: Green Hornet?

BRENT PEEPLES: I was signing at the Dynamite booth at NYCC this past year. I had just finished my first work at Dynamite on Army of Darkness: Convention Invasion right before NYCC.  I was talking to my editors about what might be next. They told me they had an Idea for me and would let me know after the Con. So about 3 days after NYCC I received an email asking if I would be interested in this series. I said yes without hesitation.

BB: What have been the biggest challenges of portraying Green Hornet in the steampunk world?

BP: Steampunk in general. Daryl has given me some really fun stuff to design and draw, I just haven't drawn much steampunk. So I use a ton of reference from the Legenderry books as well as google searches.

LGH_Peeples Art-2BB: What is your favorite and/or least favorite part of drawing these kinds of steampunk adventures?

BP: My favorite part about it would be just the designs in general. I think it's just a fun look and feel. My least favorite would be top hats.

BB: Why are the Green Hornet and Kato great characters to work with for an artist?

BP: I think these two characters have a great dynamic. Their personalities are fun. Which allows me to play with expression and body language. And I can draw karate kicks.

BB: What is it like working with writer Daryl Gregory? Would you say you two have a good rapport?

LGH_Peeples Art-4BP: Daryl is great to work with. His scripts are easy to follow and well laid out. He gives me a great balance of  exciting action pages and slower paced talking pages. As far as rapport, Daryl and I haven't talked much but when we have, we get along just great. He's super easy to work with.  And he thinks I draw good, so that helps. Lol.

BB: Do you have a favorite character you enjoy illustrating in this book?

BP: Kato is probably my favorite. The costume is cool and allows me to really play with shadows. Again his personality is really fun to me. Also because karate kicks.

BB: Brent, if you were to do another Legenderry book, which character would you like to see in that world?

BP: I really don't know to be honest. But I wouldn't mind Red Sonja, even though she already has her own title. Or maybe the Phantom. I really like that character.

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