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Marvel Teases Marvel Unlimited Infinity Future For 2022
And they have a bevvy of characters. Doctor Strange, Ironheart, Vision, Captain America: Steve Rogers, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Nick Fury Jr, Mystique, Rocket Raccoon, Ms America Chavez, Captain Marvel, Brute Force, Hawkeye: Kate Bishop, Iceman, Falcon, Wolverine: Laura Kinney, Jeff The Land Shark, Black Panther, Odie, Shuri, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ms Marvel, Spider-Gwen, Moon Knight,[...]
Brute Force Comics Boom On eBay After Marvel 616 Episode
The comic book Brute Force, which Paul Scheer wants to make a comic book/animation/toy line out of, as part of a pitch to Marvel for the show, has given the series a new lease of life. The series saw a multinational corporation called, imaginatively, Multicorp cybernetically engineer animals as soldiers only for them to rebel and[...]