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Bleeding Cool's 11 Best Graphic Novels Of 2014
Grandville: Noel  from Jonathan Cape, by Bryan Talbot One that sneaked in at the end of the year, but how wonderfully so, and perfectly pitched for the time of the year This sumptuous telling of an anthropomorphic Victoriana steampunk world dominated by French culture, and an alternate history of our own world took on great resonance[...]
Grandville: Noel – The Evil That Unicorns Do
One of my favourite comic book reads in the runup to Christmas has been Grandville: Noel, the fourth volume in Bryan Talbot's stellar steampunk anthropomorphic detective thriller series And with this volume, given the title and the time of year, takes on a religious feeling. There's nothing a new reader needs to know upon reading the book, but[...]
This Is Bryan Talbot's World, We're Just Lucky Enough To Live In It
Bryan Talbot has, in recent years become one of Britain's most prominent comic book creator, with a Costa Award under his arm for Dotter Of Her Father's Eyes, recognition of academic institutions for Alice In Sunderland, heading up the Lakes Festival and gaining plenty of coverage in the process It's a toss up between him,[...]
Things to Do In Birmingham This Summer If You Like Comics
These include Bryan Talbot (Alice and Sunderland), DC Comics Group editor Joey Cavalieri (The New 52: Future's End), colourist Marie Javins and writer Ian Edgington (Warhammer) If you want to get the chance to have your portfolio critiqued or learn how to ink from James Hodgkins then this is where you need to be on[...]
Speculator Corner: Luther Arkwright
Rumours of movie adaptations of Bryan Talbot's Luther Arkwright are in the air again Bryan Talbot mentioned such mutterings at the British Library launch of Sally Heathcote: Suffragette last week. But for folks searching for early appearances of the character to collect, they are going to have a struggle. The multi-dimensional psychedelic adventurer first appeared in Brainstorm Comix[...]
Sally Heathcote: Suffragette – The Making Of A Twentieth Century Terrorist
Sally Heathcote never existed. The product of the mind of Mary Talbot, brought to life by Kate Charlesworth and Bryan Talbot in their new graphic novel published by Jonathan Cape and launching at the British Library tonight is a Forest Gump of a figure, a fictional figure surrounded by very real people, at the right place[...]
Things To Do In London In May If You Like Comics – And The British Library
Or wondering what dark forces could be unleashed by exhibiting the manuscripts of John Dee and Alistair Crowley next to one another. [youtube][/youtube] But it's not the only thing going on in London in May for comics. Friday 2nd May, British Library, 6.30pm – 8.30pm The launch of Mary and Bryan Talbot and Kate Charlesworth's Sally Heathcote: Suffragette a gripping tale of loyalty,[...]
Monday Morning Runaround – The Life Of Bryan Talbot
BRYAN SURGERY Here's the trailer for Graphic Novel Man, the new documentary about Bryan Talbot. [youtube][/youtube] COMMUNITY Dark Horse's Scott Allie is coming to Northern Essex, to speak to the students Or anyone else who wants to pop by Also no one tell Eric Stephenson about that "third" thing… Noted comics writer and editor Scott Allie will appear at Northern[...]
Reward For Stolen Luther Arkwright Page By Bryan Talbot
Have you seen this page from The Adventures Of Luther Arkwright, by Bryan Talbot? About twenty years ago, it was stolen while on loan for an exhibition In all that time it's not resurfaced for sale It may well be hanging on someone's wall, sold on from person to person, so Bleeding Cool is asking if[...]
Bryan Talbot To Draw Sunderland's Keel Line
Bryan Talbot continues his role as his city's favourite comic book son as Sunderland City Council is getting him to him to draw the "Keel Line" in their new city-centre square The Sunderland Echo reports, At 291m the line represents the full length of the Naess Crusader, which is the longest ship ever built in Sunderland[...]
Diving Into The Lakes This Weekend
And, apparently, attracting a bunch of academic types. Dr Gibson is one of 50 leading figures from the world of graphic novels who will be appearing at the inaugural Lakes International Comic Art Festival in Kendal from Friday until Sunday. With writers, artists and industry figures coming from as far afield as Japan, the United States and[...]
Pretty Pics – Bryan Talbot's Sherlock To Rafael Grampa's Batman
Thanks to Timothy The 2013 Christmas Card for the Sherlock Holmes Society Of London, as designed and drawn by Bryan Talbot. The first looks at Fairy Quest 2 by Humberto Ramos. From Ruben Martinez, Epic Adventure Time, soon to be a print… and the rough that came before. Eddie Nunez paints the Turtles. Carlos D'Anda draws and washes the Punisher. Adam[...]
A Forgotton Jam By Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, Melinda Gebbie, Grant Morrison, Bryan Talbot, Clive Barker, Mark Buckingham, Glenn Fabry, Duncan Fegredo, Hunt Emerson and Phil Elliott
Contributors to the print include Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, Grant Morrison, Bryan Talbot, Clive Barker, Mark Buckingham, Glenn Fabry, Duncan Fegredo, Melinda Gebbie, Hunt Emerson and Phil Elliott The artists' proof he's reproducing it from has been on his wall for nearly a quarter-century, but until now it's been published only in the programme for[...]
The History of Foyles In Comic Book Form
When I went to the Image Duplicator exhibition in London last night, I also walked past Foyles, the classic London bookstore, who have taking the hoardings of nearby renovations and have used a number of cartoonists to tell their history as a strip… from the likes of Steven Appleby, John Miers, Karrie Fransman, Hunt Emerson,[...]
A Crisis Of Infinite Conventions
It's a start. THE LAKES I've started to be told about names being lined up for October's Lakes Comics Art Festival, an attempt to start to build a very British Angouleme. Patrons Bryan Talbot, Mary Talbot and Sean Phillips of course, but I'm also being told about comics journalist Joe Sacco, author Kurt Busiek, cartoonist Posy Simmonds (who[...]
In One Week, In Two Weeks – A Cherubic Start To The New Year
Dark Horse has teh amazing Cherubs by Bryan Talbot and Mark Stafford, more Buffy, the new Star Wars, more Action Comics, lots of Rotworld, the launch of Jinnrise, TMNT Secret Foot Clan, Repossesed, End Times Of Bran And Ben, Superior Spider-Man and Plume. And the week after? The launch of Black Beetle, Insurgent, Threshold, The High[...]
Mary And Bryan Talbot On Channel 4 News Talking Comics, Awards And Daughters
Mary Talbot and Bryan Talbot appeared on Britain's Channel 4 News tonight to talk about their Costa Award-winning graphic novel Dotter Of Her Father's Eyes, being the daughter of a writer and also defending the very medium itself… The summary on Channel 4's website? Written by Hayley Campbell, daughter of Eddie… Mary Talbot and Bryan Talbot[...]
Dotter Of Her Father's Eyes Wins Costa Award For Best Biography
Announced on BBC's Front Row (listen to it here), Dotter Of Her Father's Eyes by Mary Talbot and Bryan Talbot has won the Costa Best Book Award for Best Biography.  Another graphic novel had been noiminated for Best Novel, Days of the Bagnold Summer by Joff Winterhart. Bryan Talbot tells me; It's amazing, not just for us but[...]
Sunday Runaround – The Writers' Room
"While he's never going to be a core cast member (at least, for the first year of the book) there are some things I'd like to do with him." The writer tentatively plans to feature the character in issue #6 of the series. DARK DAYS The Daily Democrat asks a comic store owner about the current state[...]
Dotter Of Her Father's Eyes Makes It Into The Independent's Books Of the Year
The Independent has named Mary and Bryan Talbot's Dotter Of Her Father's Eyes, already shortlisted for the Costa Book Award, in their Memoirs Of The Year. Just before Salman Rusdie's Joseph Anton, they report; Dotter of her Father's Eyes (Jonathan Cape, £14.99), Mary M Talbot and Bryan Talbot's graphic novel, weaves two father-daughter stories together; the thwarted[...]
My Favourite Joke In Grandville: Bete Noire by Bryan Talbot
There are lots of good jokes in the new Grandville volume from Bryan Talbot. And lots of action adventure, swashbuckling, derring do and that unique brand of anthropomorphic steampunky Anglo/French struggle that rips through every page of Grandville at a cracking pace. But this is my favourite In a scene similar to the James Bond/Q briefings, Inspector[...]
TRIPWIRE: Bryan Talbot From 1998
And this week's regular delve into its archive  is our chat with British writer/artist veteran Bryan Talbot, published in TRIPWIRE Volume 2 #8, way back in December 1998… [issuu width=420 height=293 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=121007125013-563a4f4359fb4ba8acaa06bd6d0f8173 name=tripwire_volume_2_8_dec_1998_talbot_feature username=richjohnston tag=1998 unit=px v=2] Before Bleeding Cool, there was TRIPWIRE magazine[...]
Bryan Talbot To Become A Second Doctor
Tomrrow, Bryan Talbot, creator of One Bad Rat, Grandville, Alice In Sunderland and Nemesis The Warlock will be presented by an honorary Doctorate of Letters for his body of work by Northumbria University at their annual degree ceremony in Newcastle. He already is an honorary Doctor of Arts, having received it four years ago from Sunderland[...]