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Bryan Talbot Returns To Judge Dredd – And This Time He's Bringing His Son
Twenty-five years ago, Bryan Talbot was a Judge Dredd artist Since then he's worked on books from Sandman to Hellblazer, to his own work One Bad Rat, Heart Of Empire, Alice In Sunderland and the recent Grandville volumes And now… full circle. On the 20th of April, Rebellion publish 2000AD Prog 1735, featuring a new[...]
Spend A Week With Bryan Talbot, Working On Your Graphic Novel
What now? Well, if you can get yourself to the rolling hills of Shropshire in the UK in October and have a spare £625 ($1000) on you (£575 if you don't mind sharing) you can stay for a week at the John Osbourne Arvon Centre to work on it, with Bryan Talbot, creator of One Bad[...]
Radio 4′s Book Programming To Shun Comics?
BBC Radio 4 have a number of book review programmes, which takes a relatively highbrow approach to modern literature. Last year Radio 4's Saturday Review ran a thorough roundtable piece on Bryan Talbot's Grandville, so publishers got in touch with another show, wondering if they might like to look at the sequel. And[...]
Grant Morrison To Write You, Frank Quitely To Draw You
The Comic Book Alliance, basically the UK equivalent of the CBLDF and HERO with a proactive role improving the lot of the comics, has got a huge amount of very desirable material up for auction. First on the block is a role, both name and likeness, in an upcoming issue of Batman, Inc, courtesy of Grant[...]
Grandville Threequel To Be Called "Bete Noire"
The first Grandville book, a steam punk romantic anthropormophic thriller, starring a badger halfway between Sherlock Holmes and James Bond, has been followed by Grandville Mon Amour, currently going through a "soft launch" and available in bookshops shortly. But before most people get a chance to buy the second, Bryan Talbot has announced his third book[...]
Bryan Talbot Vs Dave Sim – The Next Chapter (UPDATE)
UPDATE: Bryan Talbot adds to the article below; From what I gather, Dave was shown the story about him in The Naked Artist completely out of context and I imagine he's never actually read the book or he wouldn't consider it as a libel Contrary to how you describe it, Rich, it is not a book[...]
Numbercrunching: Grandville Mon Amour by Bryan Talbot
Name: Grandville Mon Amour Creator: Bryan Talbot Price: £16.99 ($11.99) Story pages: 94 Price per thick glossy oversized gorgeously coloured page: 18 pence (27 cents) Is there previous history?: Grandville, published last year is a wonderful anthropormorphic fin-de-siecle steampunk detective thriller, somewhere between Sherlock Holmes and Bulldog Drummond, with influences from everything from Tintin to the Phileas Fogg cartoon to[...]
New Trailer for Grandville Mon Amour
The 108 page hardcover created by Bryan Talbot is set for release in December, and here's the new trailer promoting the release: And here's a preview of the material: Grandville Mon Amour is scheduled to hit stores December 8 from Dark Horse. As reported by BC in August, Grandville is returning for a second installment this[...]
Garth Ennis – When 2000AD Was The Future
A glance at the roster of talent involved is enough to take the breath away, and it should be remembered that a whole generation of readers was able to pick up almost any given issue and see a dozen of these guys at their very best. So thank you: Pat Mills, John Wagner, Gerry Finley-Day, Alan[...]
The Next Doctor Is… Bryan Talbot
On the 17th of July, comic book writer/artist Bryan Talbot is to be awarded an honorary doctorate for his "outstanding contribution to the Arts as writer and graphic artist" by Sunderland University, the ceremony to occur at Sunderland's Stadium Of Light, home to Sunderland Football Club. Talbot, best known for the likes of Nemesis The Warlock,[...]