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Alan Brooks, Lowell Cunningham, Eric Shanower, Mark Verheiden and Bryan Talbot. Comics scriptwriting is a largely unseen craft By the time the reader sees the actual comic book, the panel descriptions and other instructions have all been replace by the art that makes comic books so glorious But comics scripts have a glory unto themselves, with[...]
An "Unboxing" Of Bryan Talbot's Grandville: Integrale Graphic Novel
Bleeding Cool has been running stories about Grandville by Bryan Talbot since Bleeding Cool was a thing A series of graphic novels telling an anthropomorphic steampunk alternate history Victoriana detective mystery action-adventure, it plays with the traditions of French graphic novels, with British sensibilities and references, and happens to be utterly gorgeous And this week[...]
Bryan Talbot's A Tale Of One Bad Rat Optioned As Movie
The rights to a film version of Bryan Talbot's The Tale of One Bad Rat have been optioned by Grasp the Nettle Films, a company based in Devon and London Run by producer Rebecca Wolff and writer/director Dean Puckett, they are currently working on a slate of features including Magpie, a folk-horror backed by Bankside[...]
Help – A Comic Book Kickstarter To Benefit The Hero Initiative
Knave, Sean Konot, Piotr Kowalski, Ilias Kyriazis, Jonathan Lang, Christine Larsen, Janet Lee, John Lees, Fabian Lelay, Shawn Lee, Cath Lobo, Marissa Louise, Andrew MacLean, Andy MacDonald, James Maddox, Ariana Maher, Ryan Maniulit, Shaun Manning, Shanna Matuszak, Hannah Means-Shannon, Oliver Mertz, Joe Mulvey, Andrea Mutti, Micah Myers, Mike Norton, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, Eric Palicki, Chas! Pangburn,[...]
Luther Arkwright
Three River Studios has optioned the rights for Bryan Talbot's Luther Arkwright graphic novels: The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and its sequel Heart of Empire to develop, finance, and produce a live action, returning, Luther Arkwright TV series. Considered to be one of the most significant and influential British graphic novel series to come out of Britain, Luther[...]
The Complete Grandville L'Intégrale From Bryan Talbot In 2021
Yesterday, the Bryan Talbot Fanpage posted news of a complete collected edition of Talbot's anthropomorphic steampunk Victorian detective thriller, Grandville To be published in June from Dark Horse and Jonathan Cape for a deservedly high price, containing all five graphic novels in the series Grandville is a favourite of ours at Bleeding Cool and you[...]
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It was really hard narrowing down their canon, and you'll note that some favorites like The Umbrella Academy (surely one of Dark Horse's breakout series) or Finder don't make the list. Editorial credit: Ken Wolter / The Adventures Of Luther Arkwright Arkwright Integral by Bryan Talbot and published by Dark Horse Comics. Famously ripped off by The Matrix[...]
Bryan Talbot Offers Free Comics Compilation Download
Legendary comics artist Bryan Talbot is offering a free download of his rare comics on his official website! This is a gift for everyone stuck in self-isolation. Head over to and you can download a PDF or CBR file of over 90 pages of comics drawn by Bryan It includes rare stories written by the likes of Alan[...]
The Daily LITG, 24th February 2020, Happy Birthday Bryan Talbot
Joe Shoe Line, Available at Foot Locker Now Jorge Jimenez's Sixth Dimension Justice League Triptych Now All on One Issue Dan DiDio Tells Retailers That DC is Cutting Back Their Comics (UPDATE) Star Wars: Battlefront II Teases "The Chosen One" Update Marvel Maintains Their Lead Over DC Comics in January 2019 Marketshare Happening today… Duffield Comic Con, Duffield Library, Canada, 2.45[...]
2-Tone Comics Flooded Again
The events also inspired Mary and Bryan Talbot to create a graphic novel, Rain, set in the area in the run up to the floods, looking at all the local environmental issues that led to the disaster, and looking at the clear-up situation, and plans necessary to stop it from happening again. Well, it happened again[...]
After Twenty Years, Bryan Talbot Brings Back The Legend of Luther Arkwright
Written and drawn by its creator, the acclaimed graphic novelist Bryan Talbot, it was first serialised in the adult SF comic Near Myths in October 1978, featuring the character Talbot had previously introduced in The Papist Affair in 1976, a short strip for Brainstorm Comix where Arkwright teamed up with a group of cigar-chewing biker[...]