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marvel extended billing
At the Diamond Retail Summit, Marvel presented a new scheme that will let retailers delay payment to Diamond and Marvel, helping retailer cashflow. This will apply to retailers who hit the highest discount mark on ordering a title, based on previous orders. So you can get the deal -- but you have to order a lot.
When Tom King Wrote 'Dick Grayson Meets the Holocaust'
Top DC talent sat down at C2E2 to discuss the latest in the DC Universe. Moderated by Brian Michael Bendis, in attendance were Tim Seeley, Justin Jordan, Cully Hammer, Benjamin Percy, Philip Tan, and Joelle Jones with Tom King joining the panel part way through.
comixology thanos infinity siblings
In recent weeks, Bleeding Cool has covered the propensity for Marvel Comics to offer brand-new collections on ComiXology for under a buck. It was the first question asked of Marvel Comics at the Diamond Retailer Summit held in Chicago today, and apparently, it's a mystery to Marvel as well.