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REVIEW: Sweetlandia, By UltraPro And Stoneblade, Is Quite "Sweet"
From Candy Land, the classic and colorful board game by Hasbro, to Dimension20's popular streaming role-playing game from last year, A Crown of Candy, people can't seem to get enough of the idea of candy as a theme for worlds and settings. UltraPro Entertainment and Stoneblade Entertainment seem to agree with this statement, in that they have[...]
Funko Takes Us to Candyland with New Wave of Pop Vinyls
The iconic 1984 board game from Hasbro, Candy Land, is back in Pop form Since the board game debut in 1984, there have been many different versions of the classic game, but Funko decided to stay original with some of the classic Candy Land characters There are five Funko Pops in total coming from the[...]
The initiative, aptly called "Bring Home the Fun with Sound On", is meant to bring family-friendly yet thematic music to the ears of gamers. The Pandora playlist cover for Hasbro's hit game Monopoly, featuring such songs as "Money" by Pink Floyd, and "Material Girl" by Madonna. The twelve games represented in the "Bring Home the Fun with[...]