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Grant Morrison On Woke Green Lantern Being Pansexual As Captain Kirk
Grant Morrison addressed the three-week-delayed response on their Substack today, as part of their look back at their revelatory Green Lantern Season Two run with Liam Sharp. I mentioned in a previous episode how I wanted to casually hint at Hal Jordan's pansexual nature but I was a little surprised to hear reports of a sudden[...]
DarkSide Collectibles Reveals New Star Trek Captain Kirk 1/3 Scale Statue
Payment plans are also available, and pre-orders are already live, which collectors can find him right here. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Credit: DarkSide Collectibles Credit: DarkSide Collectibles "Star Trek – Captain Kirk 1/3 Scale Statue by DarkSide Collectibles Studio – DarkSide[...]
Funko Beams Down New Classic Star Trek Pop Vinyls
Starting us off with the common Star Trek releases is Captain Kirk in his iconic captain's chair and the deadly Khan Both designs are very well done, with Funko giving fans their first Khan collectible and a truly incredible dynamic Kirk sculpt The Star Trek fun does now end there as Scotty is beaming in[...]
Chris Pine attends the UK Premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness, courtesy of Twocoms and
Chris Pine and Paramount, of course, have worked together over the last decade as he starred in the Star Trek franchise as Captain Kirk Dexter Fletcher (Rocketman) will direct, with a script by Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), and produced by Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (Transformers, G.I Joe) Production will begin sometime after the current[...]
Wanna Buy Captain Kirk's Toga from 'Star Trek: The Original Series' at Auction?
Kirk red toga: The auction catalog entry for Captain Kirk's tunic (lot #302) reads: Captain Kirk's (William Shatner) Grecian costume from Gene Roddenberry's space adventure Star Trek: The Original Series This custom-made ancient Greek-style costume consists of a one-piece striped chiton and a maroon baldric The chiton is made of red and gold metallic polyester fabric[...]
Lauren Re-Watches: Star Trek The Motion Picture – Is It Really That Bad?
The crew of the USS Enterprise, led by Captain Kirk (William Shatner), are investigating a murderous death cloud that has taken down both Klingon and Starfleet ships The angry cloud (which is really just the Voyager with the mindset of a child) is headed for Earth, so Kirk does what he does best — faces[...]
New Clip From Star Trek Beyond Shows The Enterprise May Be In Trouble
Leading Captain Kirk to raise shields and go to red alert. Star Trek Beyond opens July 22nd. [youtube][/youtube] We've got a new clip from Star Trek Beyond as the Enterprise arrives at a Class M planet and there is an interesting looking alien on the bridge with them We learn from Mr[...]
Numeric Con And Cosplay Comes To Sesame Street
We also get to see muppet versions of Captain Kirk, Doctor Who, The Dark Knight and Daleks. [youtube][/youtube] Sesame Street introduces us to it's version of Comic-Con, Numeric Con, in this trailer for an upcoming episode We also get to see muppet versions of Captain Kirk, Doctor Who, The Dark Knight and Daleks. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Alex Ross Boldly Goes Where He'd Never Gone Before – Again
But Silver K Gallery announced "The Final Frontier", a new limited edition giclee calling it the first Star Trek art by Ross. Ross started in 1993 and has drawn Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Flash Gordon, Spider-Man, Ultraman, Battle of the Planets, Supreme and many more… but this is the first time in twenty[...]