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The Queen's Gambit on Netflix Lives up to the 64m views Hype
Due to the show's popularity, interest in chess surged and according to, so has cheating according to a report found in The Wall Street Journal via Business Insider. Cr PHIL BRAY/NETFLIX © 2020, which tracks algorithms for fair play, closed over 18,000 accounts "The recent wave of new players who have discovered their passion for[...]
Esports Integrity Commission Launches An Investigation Into CS:GO Bug
The Esports Integrity Commission Launches announced that they have launched a new investigation into recent CS:GO cheating issues Multiple coaches from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive were suspended from teams Hard Legion, Heroic, and MIRB for exploiting a bug in the game that allowed them to spectate a game from anywhere on the map they desired[...]
would like to assure you they're making every effort they can against cheating in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with this latest video It's pretty common knowledge that PUBG has become the home of rampant cheating from multiple countries by players who simply do not care if they get caught or not They're going to make a new[...]
took to their Steam page to let players know what steps they have bee taking lately to curb the rampant cheating and hacking currently still happening in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds For the most part, it reads like your standard PR one-sheet about how they've been making improvements until you get to the part where they talk[...]
An ESports Cheater Used As PSA Spokesman About Cheating
We've made it clear that our stance toward cheating and betting in eSports should be zero-tolerance for anyone involved with a team Because getting caught hasn't really stopped people from doing it, even with players receiving suspensions and bans from events without ever seeing a fine or stricter punishment Now one of the most prominent[...]
The World Of 'Overwatch' Is Getting Hectic With Character Nerfing & XP Farming
It would be cheating if not for the fact that they're simply exploiting a flaw in the system that Blizzard added themselves. credit//Kotaku As of when we're posting this, Blizzard has yet to come forward and respond to the criticism filling their own forums and other message boards about what's happening If I were a betting man…[...]
Riot Games Wins 'League Of Legends' Cheating Lawsuit
Riot Games, publisher of the massively popular League Of Legends, won a $10 million lawsuit over the weekend involving a cheating ring, which includes a court-ordered ban on the company's websites, which Riot are now in control of The case came against LeagueSharp, who were sued by the company back in August 2016 for creating a[...]