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The Daily LITG – 12th September 2019, Happy Birthday Chip Kidd

The Daily LITG – 12th September 2019, Happy Birthday Chip Kidd

Howard's Solomon Kane and Red Sonja-Esque Dark Agnes “Dungeons & Dragons”: Joe Manganiello Credits “Stranger Things” Helping Loosen Stigma for Game Apex Lex vs The Batman Who Laughs For DC's Year Of The Villain: Hell Arisen Rewriting the Rules of Marvel Time in Loki #3 (Spoilers) This is What ComiXology Support's Twitter Looks Like When[...]

Chip Kidd's New Batman Project To Be Previewed In September's CBLDF Defender

But also exclusive to the magazine will be a sneak peek at Chip Kidd's latest Batman project for the CBLDF... no more information about this to date.Kidd has written and designed book covers for several DC Comics publications, including The Complete History of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, The Golden Age of DC Comics: 365[...]

SDCC: The Chip Kidd Panel With Michael Cho

Peter Earnest Sailer writes for Bleeding Cool:“Chip Kidd will beatbox and I will freestyle rap.” Cho said before the panel            Chip Kidd started beatboxing and I almost got it on tape Illo Magazine was Kidd’s first introduction to Michael Cho Kidd was intrigued by Cho’s two-tone style and researched his[...]

Jiro Kuwata's Batmanga Comes To DC Digital

This was a pretty well kept secret outside of the manga community until Pantheon Books put a collection together called Batmanga designed by Chip Kidd A collection of all 53 chapters were published in a three volume box set in 2013.Now DC Comics is going to offer up the series, translated into English as a[...]

How I Won An Eisner Award

Snappy, speedy, no longer a need for an interval, and with the likes of Chip Kidd turning his Building Stories acceptance speeches for Chris Ware into an account of an encounter with a Spartan cosplayer with abs like a xylophone into a running affair through the night And, of course, that kiss...It was just a[...]

Wednesday Runaround – Going To Bat Law School

And Dublin comic shop The Big Bang, are giving all their copies away, signed by Declan...BatWatch: Chip Kidd has been writing to Yale students about one of their alumni Batman. And here, we come to the heart of the question In the background of this last panel, on the wall, is a framed document, a diploma[...]

DC Relaunch: Batman Vs Chip Kidd

I'd say they were breeding, but, you know...Anyway, at one of the panels held yesterday evening at San Diego Comic Con, designer and Batmanologist Chip Kidd told the audience that he is working on a Batman comic book for DC That much of the art has been completed so he expects an announcement sometime soon.And[...]

That Gay Comics Panel At San Diego Comic Con

And that time of the year where people start asking about the sexuality of the panellists!Who this year are Robert Kirkman, Chip Kidd, Dan Parent, Jon Macy, Paul Cornell, Greg Pak, with a video appearance by J.H Williams III, moderated by Andy Mangels.As far as we know, Kirkman, Parent, Cornell, Pak, and[...]

Saturday Trending Topics: Chip Kidd, Emma Watson, And Family Guy's Alec Sulkin

Controversy and mystery ruled the day on Saturday, with Family Guy's Alec Sulkin, DC Comics All Star Superman logo designer Chip Kidd, and the enigma of Emma Watson leading the way Here are the things that interested readers at Bleeding Cool today: Most-Read Comic Book Posts: Why Chip Kidd Hates The All Star Superman Cover “This looks  like[...]

Why Chip Kidd Hates The All Star Superman Cover

A presentation by Chip Kidd on designing the All Star logos for DC Comics has found new prominence.[youtube][/youtube]He first talks about the process (12 minutes in) then on first seeing Frank Quitely's cover art for issue 1 (19 minutes in)With a few quotes;"You didn't tell me in this one that Superman's gay!""This looks  like if[...]

The BBC Give Us Good Grief With The Story Of Peanuts

Davies and Chip Kidd, as well as interviews with Schulz's widow Jean and children Craig and Jill.Russell T Davies talks about the comic timing executed through the use of "the third silent panel", and here's a couple of examples:Of course, Schulz's technique was far more sophisticated and varied than that Here's a couple of other[...]