The Daily LITG – 12th September 2019, Happy Birthday Chip Kidd

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The 19 most-read stories yesterday

  1. The New Codename for Red Robin in Today's Young Justice #8, Revealed – But Makes No Sense (Spoilers)
  2. The X-Men Phoenix Five Come To "Marvel Future Fight"
  3. A Return to One More Day in Amazing Spider-Man #29 (Spoilers)
  4. Working Out The Blind Items Of Mr Sinister's Gossip Column in Powers Of X #4 (Spoilers)
  5. Marvel's Incoming Super-Mega-Crossover Event Features Two X-Men Who Just "Died" [Spoilers?]
  6. Forbidden Planet Comic Stores in the UK Get Actual Dark Crystal Puppet Window Displays
  7. Superman Dons His Black Suit for Pricey Prime 1 Studios Statue
  8. Seven Heroes Marvel Should Brutally Murder for Incoming
  9. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Season 14: "The Bird" Dee Reynolds
  10. Batarang Therapy – Spoilers For Batman #77 and Event Leviathan #4
  11. Every Possible Absolute Carnage Mention We Can Find Today – From King Thor to Silver Surfer to Powers Of X? (Spoilers)
  12. Captain Marvel #10 Reveals All About Star… (Spoilers)
  13. Miles Morales: Spider-Man Doesn't Remember the Ultimate Universe Again in #10 – But Is Starting To… (Spoilers)
  14. Is Today's Invaders #9 the First Marvel Comics Tie-In With HOXPOX?
  15. Marvel to Follow Conan With Robert E. Howard's Solomon Kane and Red Sonja-Esque Dark Agnes
  16. "Dungeons & Dragons": Joe Manganiello Credits "Stranger Things" Helping Loosen Stigma for Game
  17. Apex Lex vs The Batman Who Laughs For DC's Year Of The Villain: Hell Arisen
  18. Rewriting the Rules of Marvel Time in Loki #3 (Spoilers)
  19. This is What ComiXology Support's Twitter Looks Like When The Comics Are Late

What's happening today?

And a happy birthday to…

The Daily LITG – 12th September 2019, Happy Birthday Chip Kidd
Photo by Luigi Novi
  • Chip Kidd, comic book designer and Batmanologist.
  • Comic artist and illustrator Jude Vigants
  • Aaron Haaland, owner of A Comic Shop and Geekeasy in Orlando, Florida.
  • Comic book artist J.C. Grande, of Red Knight, Unnecessary Evil, Turkey Grove Farms and Shy.
  • Vito Lapiccola, director of Comics On Comics.
  • Founder of Sequential app, Russell Willis.
  • Michael D'Alessio of Atlantic City Broadway Con.

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