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REVIEW: Cold Case: A Pinch Of Murder, By ThinkFun Games
Just over a week ago, we reviewed ThinkFun's immersive game of deduction, Cold Case: A Story To Die For, the first in the company's Cold Case series Today, we have the chance to review the second game in the series: Cold Case: A Pinch of Murder! Here's what we think of it. The front cover of Cold Case: A[...]
REVIEW: Cold Case: A Story To Die For, A ThinkFun True Crime Game
ThinkFun, an immersive tabletop game company in league with Ravensburger, is soon putting out a true-crime game called Cold Case: A Story To Die For This game is the first in a series of games where players get the opportunity to potentially solve real criminal cases that have gone cold however long since they began[...]
ThinkFun's Cold Case: A Story To Die For Preorders Begin May 18th
Have you ever wanted to solve a real murder case, but was stuck inside due to the pandemic, no car, or a general lack of credentials in solving crime? So have we, which is why we are super excited for the next upcoming release from ThinkFun and Ravensburger! Cold Case: A Story To Die For will[...]