A Chilling Teaser Arrives For Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2

The highly anticipated October 19th return of Unsolved Mysteries with its' second volume arriving on Netflix just gave audiences a gift in the form of a chilling teaser trailer. The teaser for Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 sets up a true crime ride full of tension, intrigue, and the drive to put the clues together.  Flashes of imagery, those recreating moments in specific cases, are what bring us in and leave us wanting more. Netflix has dropped this teaser less than two weeks away from the date of the drop for volume 2. Unsolved Mysteries has done a lot of work and research into many of their cases, with a few of them being solved through tips and information from viewers. So the upcoming season looks to promise the same level of mystery as it did with the previous volume.

Unsolved Mysteries gave more than quick flashes in the teaser; they also gave the titles for the six episodes to be expected in this second volume. The episode titles include Tsunami Spirits; Stolen Kids; Lady in the Lake; Washington Insider Murder; A Death in Oslo; and Death Row Fugitive. Based on the titles and what we could see in the teaser, the viewer is taken on a true crime global journey that explores not only the unsolved but also explores cultural understandings of death and the paranormal.


A Chilling Teaser Arrives For Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2
Title screen for the upcoming volume 2 of Unsolved Mysteries. Source: Netflix


The mix of backgrounds and locations that Unsolved Mysteries has been able to explore is something very apparent to have returned in this batch of mysteries. One can hope that these teased clips of volume 2 carry not only justice for the cases, but that they also give out plenty of chills this Halloween season. Be on the lookout for the drop of volume 2 of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix on October 19th. Let us know in the comments below about which episode you are most interested to see!

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