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Unopened Magic: The Gathering Collectors Edition Box On Auction

Unopened Magic: The Gathering Collectors Edition Box On Auction

Furthermore, the printing of this release (alongside the International Collectors' Edition and Chronicles) paved the way for Wizards of the Coast to instill the infamous Reserved List, barring reprints of many of the cards in those releases from being enacted, and lining the coffers of many collectors of the game's now-most valuable cards.[caption id="attachment_1228026" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The[...]

Five Comic Shops Announce Permanent Closure

Five Comic Book Stores Announce Permanent Closure

After the industry shutdown, it was anticipated that many comic book stores would shutter completely and be unable to open up again. But a mixture of comic store ingenuity, government assistance, consumer spending and the charitable work of BINC has stopped that from happening. But it would never be able to stop all comic stores […]

Check Out Entertainment Weekly's 'Captain Marvel' Issue!

Entertainment Weekly just revealed their official "collector's edition" issue featuring our gal Captain Marvel on the cover.The outlet was scarce on details about the issue, but did offer this in the way of description for what we can expect to see in the pages, promising LOTS of Goose the cat: The issue takes a deep dive into Carol[...]

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Stardew Valley Gets A Collector's Edition For Console

[caption id="attachment_606929" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: 505 Games[/caption]Stardew Valley, the farming sim that may have stolen your friends lives as it has taken mine, will be coming to retail stores in a collector's edition for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on April 11th in the US and April 13th in Europe.Stardew Valley first appeared on PC in[...]