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The Blue Beetle Companion: His Many Lives From 1939 To Today Arrives In E-book Format
By Christopher Irving After selling out its print run, the only comprehensive comics history book on The Blue Beetle returns in a full-color version with slight updates. [Cover by Cully Hamner] "One punch!" That was my introduction to Blue Beetle, as Ted Kord's index finger probed under a yellow goggle to wipe a tear brought on from laughing so[...]
Get Comics Educated At Wizard World Chicago This Weekend
We've drawn your attention to several instances where Wizard World comic conventions have been ramping up the educational level of some of their programming to the point that it has attracted attention, and certainly provided a welcome place for fans to essentially soak up a great deal of knowledge about comics history and hear from[...]
As 'Hip And With It' As Marvel Would Allow – Denis Kitchen On Working With Robert Crumb, Will Eisner, And Stan Lee At Heroes Con 2014
He's also donating "most of the mechanicals" to Columbia, the Photostats, headlines, and physical object sheets that printers would then photograph for publication, which may be a "slice of information you couldn't find anywhere else" for students to help fill the "frustrating gaps" for those who love comics history but can't find resources. Comic Book Creator[...]
1936: An Industry On The Brink
Google's Life Magazine archive has been a treasure trove of images of comics on the newsstand and elsewhere, and even flickr has turned up some interesting surprises (here's the best picture of comics being sold in the 1940's that I'm aware of, for example). New stuff in this area continues to turn up at a[...]