Heroes Con Gets Jesse Jamesed

      Jesse James went to Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina They even let him in!Dear Bleeding Cool,This week I attended Heroes Con in Charlotte N.C for the first time It was very high on my bucket list So many people had laid out the foundation for me before I had even arrived[...]

A Day At The Kankakee Fantasy Con 2012

Peter G writes for Bleeding Cool;Well, here we are in Kankakee, Illinois, at the Kankakee Public Library (SEVEN STORIES TALL!!!) for the second Kankakee Fantasy Con The first year had over 500 attendees, although the biggest memory I have of the day was how the last hour was spent taking shelter from the tornado siren[...]

Calgary Comic Con Forced To Turn Thousands Away

It's a problem that once comic conventions never thought they'd have to face Too much success.This weekend, the Calgary Comic And Entertainment Expo (at which Avatar are appearing) did their best impression of the first year of New York Comic Con, with fire marshalls denying access to the show due to overcrowding and fears of[...]

When Rorschach Proposed To Deadpool

From the Anime Boston Con last weekend And I quote. So Friday afternoon outside the dealers room my friend Logan (Rorschach) proposed to her boyfriend Kyle (Deadpool).He said yes, in case you were wondering :p Can't wait to see the wedding invite.From the Anime Boston Con last weekend And I quote. So Friday afternoon outside[...]

All Aces Entertainment – The Latest Rick Olney Thing

He has a new company in the workd called All Aces Entertainment.Maybe he'll be using it to sell Matt Busch's Indiana Jones World Maps that were meant to be sold for charity at said convention, but Rick never returned.Rick Olney, the man who hired a bunch of comic creators to work on an anthology[...]

When Rod Blagojevich Went To Comic Con

Which gave me thought to revisit the time he came to Wizard World Chicago Comic Con.And the time I got the chance to ask him if he was there as a comic, or as a con.Finally my question has been answered. This week, ex-Chicago governor Rod Blagojevich was sentenced to fourteen years for corruption[...]

Manga Vs Models At MCM London Expo

A couple of years ago, the MCM London Expo was held at the Excel Convention Centre at the same time as a Mission Of Peace And Light, attempting to unite the divisions caused by the Sunni and Shi'ite Islamic denominations Which led to some strange juxtapositions, a huddle of Imams discussing[...]

J Scott Campbell Keeps Sketching But Knows The Risks

Right!! The artist Allison Sohn has also clarified her partner Adam Hughes' position over the controversy. Adam and I agreed that it was time to stop the sketch list After attending the Boston Comic Con this past weekend where Adam was only able to get 3 sketches done, we came home to learn that one of those[...]

More Fun With Rob Granito Before MegaCon

He seems to be the con artist who keeps giving and giving.Yesterday's article looking at Rob Granito's bogus credits that have gained him Guest status at Wizard World Toronto and upcoming shows, touched upon his swipe filery, but further research and information provided by you, the Little Bleeders who read this site, have painted a[...]

Wizard World Lets Go Two

[caption id="attachment_49271" align="alignright" width="219" caption=""They call him Spat""][/caption]As Wizard are gearing up their comic convention coverage, it seems odd that they're letting go two of their bigger names, Jeff Serling and Spat Oktan.Jeff was one of the organisers of the Motor City Comic Con before he did a number of jobs for Wizard World, sub[...]

Yes, It's Official, Wizard World IS Buying Mid Ohio Con

It's hardly a secret now.But later today Wizard World will confirm that, yes, as of next year Mid Ohio Con will join the Wizard World Comic Con lineup, making a total of 16 comic conventions (17 if you count two Big Apples a year) across the US and Canada.Next year's Wizard World Mid Ohio Comic[...]

The Comic-Con Crash Of 2010 – When Will Registration Open Again?

Today was the day that "Memberships" for the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con went on sale Unfortunately, only a "handful" were sold before the server went Mount Doom and the plug was pulled I'd love to hear from anybody who was lucky enough to make a booking Especially if I can make them paranoid enough that[...]

Three Conventions, Three Countries, One Long Weekend

1) This weekend, the MCM Expo 2010 in London at the ExCel Convention Centre in the Docklands The biggest comics convention in Britain with an attendance of 30,000.  Preview afternoon from 2pm today followed by the Eagle Awards, one of the oldest comic industry awards around I'll be there, don't be a stranger Big comics[...]