Twin Peaks: David Lynch Talks Bowie, Jeffries, And Giant Tea Kettles

twin peaks david lynch david bowie

It's been a few weeks since the season/series finale of Twin Peaks's third season, and I believe most of us are finally coming around to actually thinking about the series as a whole and then dissect it into thematic parts. For me, it's looking back a number of things about this season that I still need to process.

David Lynch's portrayal of and attitude towards women during this season has proven to be disturbingly complex, to say the least. I'm not sold on the idea that Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) saving Laura (Sheryl Lee) from her late-night fate on that night meant that it wasn't going to happen eventually. As for "Judy," I'm still piecing together evidence to make the case that Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie) is that "ultimate evil" personified.

twin peaks david lynch david bowie

But just as we're beginning to examine the series after decompressing from the experience, so is Lynch — at least a little bit. Following up on previous public comments he made regarding a possible fourth season of Twin Peaks, Lynch gave an interview to music website Pitchfork to discuss the late David Bowie's level of involvement with the series' return and why we need to stop calling his Phillip Jeffries a "tea kettle":

twin peaks david lynch david bowie

●  After his cameo in 1992's Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Bowie's Jeffries appeared again this season via footage from that film that helped Cole (Lynch) and the gang establish that there were two Coopers — and the steam/smoke that was contained in what clearly looked like a tea kettle. Lynch wants fans to know that Bowie was approached about appearing, and that he know understands the artist's decision:

"Absolutely. I never even talked to him, but I talked to his lawyer, and they weren't telling me why he said he couldn't do it. But then, of course, later on we knew."

twin peaks david lynch david bowie

●  To be clear, Lynch wants you to know that Jeffries is not a tea kettle and is not living in one:

"I sculpted that part of the machine that has that tea kettle spout thing, but I wish I'd just made it straight, because everybody thinks it's a tea kettle. It's just a machine."

●  Bowie didn't know how his character was going to be implemented, but was OK with Jeffries's image being used. But it was a different matter when it came to using his Jeffries's voice again:

"No, no, no. He didn't know that. We got permission to use the old footage, but he didn't want his voice used in it. I think someone must have made him feel bad about his Louisiana accent in Fire Walk With Me, but I think it's so beautiful. He wanted to have it done by a legitimate actor from Louisiana, so that's what we had to do. The guy [voice actor Nathan Frizzell] did a great job."

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