David Lynch's Response To 'Twin Peaks' Season 4 As Vague As Finale

david lynch twin peaks season 4

The second most-asked question after the final credits rolled on Twin Peaks' third season/series finale was, "Is there going to be a fourth season?" (with the first most-asked question being, "…what?"). Well, it looks like we might've gotten at least some form of an answer from series co-creator David Lynch – as well as his thoughts on the season/series finale.

david lynch twin peaks season 4

Lynch appeared online at a public event at the Kulturni Centar Beograda in Serbia to promote his Small Stories photo exhibition. Answering questions via Skype from guests in attendance, Lynch had this to say when asked about a possible fourth season (translated from Serbian website Danas.rs):

"It's too early to say if there will be a fourth season of the series. If that were the case, we would have to wait a few more years because it took me four-and-a-half years to write and record this [season]."

As for what fans should take away from the last moments of the season/series finale that found Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) displaced into an alternate reality and realizing that the evil hasn't stopped. Or at least that's what I think Lynch was trying to say, but I'm not sure. For Lynch, that's exactly what he wants:

"What matters is what you believe happened. Many things in life just happen and we have to come to our own conclusions. You can, for example, read a book that raises a series of questions, and you want to talk to the author, but he died a hundred years ago. That's why everything is up to you."

david lynch twin peaks season 4

Now while some sites are taking a glass-half-empty attitude towards Lynch's comments, I would have to respectfully disagree. I think this is great news, especially for someone who's waited 25+ years just to get any kind of answer or closure. Take four years…hell, take five! That's really not a long time to wait, and who knows? Maybe we'll get Twin Peaks Season 4 before the next season of Sherlock

david lynch twin peaks season 4

At least we know that two major players in Lynch's acting troupe would be willing to return. MacLachlan has always said that he's more than willing to play Cooper for the rest of his life, especially with Lynch at the helm. On a recent episode of Entertainment Weekly's Twin Peaks podcast, Laura Dern didn't hesitate to say that she would be up for another run as Diane:

"I'll never say no to David, and I'll never say no to Diane because now I've fallen in love with her. So it would be impossible for me not to want to be part of any journey he wants to take, but I think that's what's so beautiful about his work is that every time it ends, even if there is an ending, you're just devastated at the thought of saying goodbye."

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