Twin Peaks Parts 17 And 18 Recap: After 27 Years, Was It Really Worth It?

twin peaks parts 17 18

Welcome to Bleeding Cool's final recap of Twin Peaks Season 3, as we examine the two-part season/series finale and also begin to take a look at the series overall — from the perspective of a David Lynch fan and from the perspective of a Twin Peaks fan.

After watching the entire run of Season 3, I've learned that there's definitely a difference between the two…trust me.

So you'll find a video rundown of my thoughts and takeaways from the episode below, and if you want to read-up on my live-blog thoughts as they played out during the show, visit here.

For those who need a reminder on what went down, here's Showtime's look-back (though if you're not up to speed yet on the series, these clips will probably leave you more confused than when you went into them):

But before we get started — a couple of ground rules so that we're all on the same page:

twin peaks season 3 part 16 recap

● This isn't a formal review — more of a recap-ish type thing — but it will cover some themes and takeaways involving major and minor storyline developments from the episode.

● If you're just coming aboard this twisted little journey, then you've got some serious binge watching to do. I would recommend my friends at Wikipedia and Showtime to get you up to speed, because attempting to recap the previous episodes would read like a serial killer's manifesto without proper context.

● I refer to the series as Twin Peaks and not Twin Peaks: The Return; and that this is officially Season 3. A point of personal privilege I'm gifting myself, even if Lynch and Mark Frost decide to go with a fourth season (more Frost, less Lynch) made-up of 72 15-minute episodes of dialogue in haiku form (and when it happens, remember where you read it first).

Hope you enjoy the recap, and let me know what you think!

Twin Peaks Parts 17 And 18 Recap: After 27 Years, Was It Really Worth It?

You can catch up on my live-blog thoughts from this past Sunday, too — click here!

twin peaks parts 17 18

Thanks for joining me for this 18-episode journey, and we'll be back in 2044 for our VR live-immersion coverage of Twin Peaks: The Happening, directed by the head of Lynch in a containment tank and our AI overlords.

Until then, don't forget to join me tomorrow night at 9 p.m. EST for Taking Confession, our live-blog of the Preacher Season 2 finale on AMC; and Tuesday night at 10 p.m. EST for 'Cult' Following, our live-blog of FX's American Horror Story: Cult.

See you then!

twin peaks parts 17 18

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