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Olivia Wilde's Star Trek Ambitions And Western Thrills
After Tron: Legacy and Cowboys and Aliens, actress Olivia Wilde has got the taste for science fiction She told the press conference for Cowboys and Aliens that she even has her eye on the captain's chair. I grew up watching Star Trek with my family often And my sister was a Trekkie as well There have[...]
The Steven Spielberg Director's Western Starter Kit For Cowboys And Aliens
Cowboys and Aliens is a film of two halves When Steven Spielberg brought in Jon Favreau to direct and Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman to write, Spielberg's concern wasn't for the alien side of things so much as the western He solution was to given Favreau, Orco and Kurtzman a Western Starter Pack In fact,[...]
The Cowboys And Aliens Saloon At Big Screen
There's a replica (not really at all, actually) Wild West Saloon bar in the midst of Big Screen, serving up… Cowboys and Aliens bowler hats? Anyway, it's somewhere to see absurdly professional actors in wonderfully kitschy costumes stick brilliantly to their huge, bold characters no matter what you throw at them.* *Not literally throw at them. [...]
The Secret Story Behind Cowboys And Aliens
Cowboys And Aliens And was asked to work it up. With Paul Benjamin, the pair created five drawings and a bunch of character designs and details With William Morris representing them, they got a cover image in Variety, the image of a cowboy on his horse with a large space ship overhead The story in the[...]
Dan Forcey Leaves Platinum Studios
With Cowboys And Aliens getting closer to a release date, Platinum Studios is losing one of their most visible faces. Dan Forcey, VP of Content Development sent out a mass email saying After 9 years of learning a lot and meeting some amazing people, as of today I will no longer be working at Platinum Studios.  I[...]