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Comic Book Workers United
Lieberman, Steven Cater, Savannah McKendree, Jamal Igle and Company, Nerdette's NewsStand, Women Write About Comics, Crush Comics, 100% Comics, Book & Board Comics & Gaming, Comic Book Couples Counseling, House of Bob, Altruist Comics, Wildwood Editing, CWA 1102, Graduate Employees Organizing Committee AFT Local 6123, Cultura Cómic RD, Silver Sprocket, Kestrel S Ward, Micah A[...]
Warner Bros. Releases a New Batch of "Joker" Promotional Images
But what about other comics creators? There are four Brian Bolland, J M DeMatteis, Keith Giffen and Irv Novick. Novick drew a lot of comics over his sixty-odd year career, including a run in Batman with Frank Robbins – who does not get credited He also was the artist for the launch of The Joker comic book[...]
Creators Discuss The Importance Of Libraries In Promoting Literacy
The series focuses specifically on libraries and educators, and presents new innovative ways to include comics and graphic novels in the educational process. On Thursday morning at the Creators, Libraries, and Literacy panel, librarians and educators got to meet Raina Telgemeier, Matt Holm, Molly Ostertag, Zander Cannon and Mike Lawrence and discuss the impact that libraries[...]
A New Marvel Record For Female Comic Creators – Gendercrunching March 2016
By Tim Hanley DC's overall percentage of female creators ticked down slightly in March while Marvel's took a sizeable, record setting jump We also take a look at another record setter, this year's Eisner nominations. DC COMICS After a higher start to the year, DC seems to be settling into the low teens, an area noticeably below their[...]
Comic Creators In Florida – What Are You Doing On Wednesday?
A number of his regular comic creators are unavailable… So here is a shout out Would anyone by willing to turn up at the store for a promotional event? Patrick tells me. I don't have money to reimburse people transportation costs up front, but if I have a strong turnout, I probably could then swing something[...]
Comics, Crouch End And Attracting Creators
The show will host the best and brightest cartoonists and independent publishers currently active in the UK comic scene. The past 5 years have seen a huge growth in creators, publishers and consumers of comics Crouch End is home to some of these cartoonists, so it seems natural to bring this type of event to the[...]
London Super Comic Con 2015 – From New York To Vegas
He also told a wonderful tale about meeting a mystical stranger in a Chicago alleyway with glowing eyes who told him that if he would stand up for fellow creators, get credit, royalties and returned artwork for as many of his peers as possible, then in return he would be able to keep his hair…    From[...]
Chaos And Order At DC Comics
The creators are to a better extent trusted to work through the approved ideas and will be given enough rope to hang themselves… or ropewalk to success As a result, the comics sound like they have more of an individual voice From Jonathan Hickman to Cullen Bunn, from Dan Slott to Joe Keatinge, their individual[...]
Musical Chairs With Marvel And DC Comics
I understand that a number of Marvel creators are, frankly, worried by the current state of the market and are seeing DC as a better bet And DC have been making moves to facilitate any moves. And also don't doubt that Eric Stephenson, Robert Kirkman and Mark Millar are whispering into their ear as well[...]
A Tale Of Two Publishers
You'll know them by name. Recently Bleeding Cool was made aware of a number of unpaid debts to creators, so I got in touch with both. The first was apologetic, gave me excuses that didn't match to what the creators had been told, but promised me they'd sort things out The creators were contacted (the first contact[...]
DC Comics Reaffirms Commitment To Female Creators And Characters
Earlier today I wrote about DC making plans for female-creator female-friendly projects, some of which as as a result of concern expressed at San Diego Comic Con about a massive reduction of female creators in the DC Relaunch. On the Source blog, DC Comics has just posted the following; Over the past week we've heard from fans[...]