Cristobel Rios Archives

Star Trek Picard The Impossible Box
Picard, Eldor (Evan Evagoria), Seven, and Cristobel Rios (Santiago Cabrera) travel to the planet's surface to "negotiate." Raffi (Michelle Hurd) organized the plan but had her family affairs to deal with on Freecloud Rios designates Agnes (Allison Pill), given her inexperience in space, as "backup" to beam the four out in case trouble breaks. can't[...]
Star Trek Picard - Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine
When Cristobel Rios (Santiago Cabrera) beams the mysterious pilot, their savior is revealed to be Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan). The La Sirena crew begin an unpredictable and lively expedition on Freecloud to search for Bruce Maddox When they learn Maddox has found himself in a precarious situation, a familiar face offers her assistance. Maddox is the[...]