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What Happens To Crowdfunded Legal Funds For Richard Meyer and Mark Waid?
I did ask them both what might happen to any crowdfunded money that was not spent on legal fees Waid told me "All the crowdfunding money on my end has been spent on legal fees." While Meyer told me he "after the final invoice is generated by my lawyers, they will cut me a check[...]
Mike Grell Crowdfunds Jon Sable, Freelance Omnibus Before New Stories
After successful Kickstarter campaigns to revive Mike Grell's Maggie The Cat and his collaboration with actor/writer Mark Ryan on The Pilgrim, Grell's Masterstroke Studios imprint is giving one of his most popular creations a massive new release in Omnibus format, Jon Sable, Freelance. Jon Sable, Freelance, the story of a former African hunter in the concrete[...]
But the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, made it possible to raise the money needed to hire an art team to complete the book (not to mention selling huge chunks of my personal comic book collection which I had amassed over the prior 25 years). I assumed those four issues of Side-Kicked would be my only opportunity to[...]
I spent a decade writing this story...
Natasha Kennedy writes of her graphic novel series being crowdfunded and includes an exclusive opportunity for Bleeding Cool readers. She writes: My name is Natasha Kennedy I am 31, and I am finally Kickstarting my ten-years-in-the-making graphic novel series called Tempest. Cover from Tempest. When I sat down at my computer to put together my Kickstarter campaign last month,[...]
Dave Sim Parodies Avengylene for You Don't Know Jack.
You Don't Know Jack focuses on her and her relationship with the artist, represented as a floating glove holding an ink pen. What happens when people of different backgrounds stop talking to each other, and conversation itself is controversial? In 2017, shortly after the election of Donald Trump, noted Cartoonist and Bear-Poker Dave Sim teamed up with moderately-noted Painter and[...]
For some, that's the daily sketches, auctioned there and then, for others its crowdfunded projects The latest to join that crowd is Sean Gordon Murphy, best known for his work on Batman: The White Knight, but with a long history on books including his own Punk Jesus,  Joe the Barbarian with Grant Morrison, Chrononauts with[...]