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A scene from Pose (Image: FX Networks)
So, you know about how ballroom culture originated – oh, what's that? You don't? Well, read the first part of my look back on ball culture and its history and journey as a staple in popular culture and television here Then come back to trace the history and influence of balls and the culture from[...]
Antonio Damasio The Strange Order of Things, Hardcover
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Strange Order of Things by Antonio Damasio is a scientific work about feelings, and the part they have played in biology and culture The often ignored connection between emotion and society, and our very lives, is finally given a spotlight. Starting from the cell, and an innate seeking to continue and endure, Damasio explains and supports[...]
Amazon Bringing Iain M. Banks' Sci-Fi Novel Consider Phlebas to Series
The first in the classic "Culture" book series is set to be adapted by Dennis Kelly (Utopia), with Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment (World War Z, Moonlight) producing and the Estate of Iain Banks serving as executive producer. "Iain Banks has long been a hero of mine, and his innate warmth, humor and humanism shines through these[...]
Rumour: Massive New Awards Show For San Diego Comic-Con To Recognise All Fan Culture
The word on the street is that we are about to get a brand-new, very well-funded awards show for San Diego Comic Con. I understand that high level talks are taking place between Jennifer O'Connell, Executive VP of Alternative Programming, Seth Lederman, Executive VP General Manager of the new streaming channel Comic-Con HQ and David Glanzer, Chief[...]
The Evolution Of Views – The Queer Culture Panel At C2E2
Geeks OUT, a not-for-profit organization focusing on empowering queer people in the "geek" communities, explored this notion in their Queering Culture: Mainstream Influences/Niche Art panel at C2E2. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and mediums, the panelists included Jennie Wood (Flutter), Kiki Jenkins (Idolon), Tony Breed (Finn and Charlie are Hitched), writer and make-up artist[...]