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The United States Of Captain America #1
With the man who made DC's recent Shazam series look so gorgeous, Dale Eaglesham. Steve Rogers John Walker Bucky Barnes Sam Wilson In honor of the iconic hero's 80th anniversary, these four heroes who have taken up the mantle of Captain America will team up this June in a brand-new limited series THE UNITED STATES OF[...]
Dale Eaglesham Joins Chris Bachalo On Delayed Non-Stop Spider-Man
But then it seems that hubris has struck again. Bleeding Cool can announce that Marvel has drafted Dale Eaglesham to draw Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 alongside Chris Bachalo – Eaglesham is an artist who had his own schedule issues over on Shazam with Geoff Johns at DC. And now Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 has shifted schedule to publication on[...]
Terrifics #7 cover by Dale Eaglesham and Ivan Nunes
Mister Terrific clashes with Simon Stagg, and Rex Mason gets used to not being Metamorpho anymore. Terrifics #7 cover by Dale Eaglesham and Ivan Nunes I have come of a weird realization which probably seemed obvious to other comic reviewers Jeff Lemire has this weird niche now of mixing Gold and Silver Age throwback comics that mix[...]
Marvel Two-in-One Annual #1 cover by Chip Zdarsky
His encounter with another Doctor Doom is a good sequence too. The Council of Reeds idea was a brilliant one from Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham's Fantastic Four run I'm glad to see this concept brought back It was interesting and unnerving It showed how close Reed Richards's difficulty connecting with others mixed with his genius intellect[...]
Gail Simone And Ken Lashley's Secret Six Launches From DC Comics
I think we can do a fairy good job identifying them from Dale Eaglesham's cover art, don't you? Gail Simone is relaunching Secret Six with Ken Lashley from DC Comics in December, announced in the LA Times. We Informed You Of This At A Previous Juncture, of course. When Gail Simone walked off Batgirl, she promised she[...]
A Very Strange Page Turn In Sinestro #1
A beautiful comic it is as well with Dale Eaglesham on full force. People reading in digital may not get quite the same effect But reading the following page of on the right… … then turning onto the left… With those teeth, yt's hard not to see that ad for Doomsed as a continuation of the previous page[...]
A New Sinestro Series By Cullen Bunn And Dale Eaglesham From DC Comics
The race for April solicitations is on! The game is afoot! And, as previously rumoured, Green Lantern bad guy-ish character Sinestro is getting his own DC New 52 series (but not Sinestro Corps). DC Comics PR department gave Newsarama the news today, that Cullen Bunn and Dale Eaglesham will be writing and drawing the book when it[...]