The Terrifics #7 Review: How Many Layers of Nostalgia Are We Working With?

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We see Tom Strong once again shutting down a scheme from Paul Saveen in Millennium City. After another successful mission, Strong is ambushed by Doc Dread. Meanwhile on our Earth, the Terrifics continue their search for Tom Strong and a means to stop Doc Dread. Mister Terrific clashes with Simon Stagg, and Rex Mason gets used to not being Metamorpho anymore.

Terrifics #7 cover by Dale Eaglesham and Ivan Nunes
Terrifics #7 cover by Dale Eaglesham and Ivan Nunes

I have come of a weird realization which probably seemed obvious to other comic reviewers. Jeff Lemire has this weird niche now of mixing Gold and Silver Age throwback comics that mix modern storytelling methods and a slight injection of cynicism. Between Terrifics, Sentry, and Black Hammer, this is a pretty clear through-line. Even using Tom Strong is like co-opting someone else's Golden Age throwback character for a different Golden Age throwback-esque story while trying to be Marvel Age Fantastic Four.

It's a weird nice, and it's not inherently bad. Terrifics, Sentry, and Black Hammer have all been largely good so far. Terrifics is beginning to be weighed down by its FF resemblance. Doc Dread was a real groaner, and Rex Mason returning to his human form mysteriously harkens back to one of the numerous times the Thing reverted to Ben Grimm form.

I admittedly have not read any Tom Strong, so I can't really gauge how faithful a presentation this is. It reads like a classic scientist/adventurer/superhero character. It's fun enough.

Terrifics #7 art by Dale Eaglesham and Michael Atiyeh
Terrifics #7 art by Dale Eaglesham and Michael Atiyeh

Dale Eaglesham joins up in this issue, and his artwork is as strong as ever. He balances superhero regality with appealing detailing. Tom Strong, Mister Terrific, and Plastic Man each get good presentations ranging from imposing and intimidating to visually creative. Michael Atiyeh contributes a good color treatment that is consistently bright and dazzling throughout.

Terrifics #7 more-or-less continues the slump of last issue, and I am a little disappointed. While this issue is decidedly better and at least worth a soft recommendation, it's hard to take Doc Dread seriously, and just co-opting Fantastic Four stories isn't the way to go. That said, I can recommend this issue, and you should feel free to check it out.

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